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The Day We Turned 8


The Day We Turned 8

18.10. was the date Mistral was established. Surely we commemorate this day and love doing so, because who doesn't enjoy birthday cakes?

It is never that simple though. Especially now when there are 130 of us, we had a really successful year and we recently moved to a new location (Maglajska 1). With so many reasons to celebrate, where do you even start?

First, we wrote down the list of  participants:

Our people (main focus), their +1s and friends of Mistral (cca 300 ppl right there).



With Mistralovci in focus, that meant the party was to start at 8.30 am on 18 October. We decorated the office, unleashed a 100 balloons and placed mini gifts at each desk. We also turned our game room into a SPA for a day where the amazing Fit for Fun crew treated us to shoulder and neck massages.

The morning started with sweets and fresh smoothies, followed by a ‘whole company stand up’ led by Mersed, our CEO. Then the real food started arriving and it didn’t stop until 5pm; Milkman’s grah and SpazioGourmet delights (pasta, salads, pizza, sandwiches, cakes)!



We all know the importance of location, location, location. Thanks to the building owner
Bau-Herz, we got to host the party on our building's rooftop. BlowUP made sure we had the coolest light show, great sound, amazing screen, and literally all the necessary infrastructure to host the best party in town. Pirpa surprised our guests with the most delicious BBQ, while professionals from the ‘Ice Cocktail and Snack Bar’ set up the cocktail scene.

All office parties have a few minutes of serious talk. Mersed managed to captivate the audience with jokes and anecdotes from the last 8 years at Mistral, and even tried singing a tune or two. The performance would not have been complete without Sanin, our co-founder and the US guardian angel. Although he couldn’t join us for the party, his speech was broadcasted on the large screen on the rooftop.

Both guys highlighted Mistral’s purpose: to create the best place of work where people can reach their full potential and grow both personally and professionally.

Now, serious stuff aside, no party is complete without a good DJ, and we were absolutely spellbound by the magic of DJ Nazzif who set the roof on fire. Well, not literally, however, we did not want to go home and danced the night away until….yes, the police had to pay us a visit and kindly ask us to leave the roof. That did not stop us though as we moved to our social zone on the 5th floor and partied the night away, indoors.

This day would not have been so special without Mistral friends from various companies, organisations and industries from all over BiH who have played part in our 8-year-old journey.

Our student friends from EESTEC were great assistants on the eve of the party, and the Wolfen crew helped capture this special day digitally. Check the VIDEO out!