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Teams Behind The Scene


Teams Behind The Scene

I am the master of all crafts and can handle everything on my own - said no rational person ever. We all know that we’re as good as our team and as weak as the weakest link in it.

The IT industry (software development) is quite specific when it comes to teams. The pressure and demand of continuous learning and high performance in a very relaxed and beneficial environment is fiercely high. Making these almost contradictory concepts work seamlessly together is an ongoing challenge of the highest importance.

Obviously, devs take up the major portion of the company statistics. Anyone from the industry is also aware of the other major IT roles that make one team complete and ready for anything; Quality assurance engineer, UI/UX designer, Project manager, System and network admin, DevOps.

BUT, in order for our tech-savvy talents to have that challenging and interesting work magic flowing and projects going, a core management team of 8 puts everything on the line.

The big 8 are the ones who deal with the “where we’re going as a company” part, but in the “making sure we get there” part, things get a little tricky, especially when you have 124 colleagues. That part, when done right, requires way more hands on deck.

Meet the teams behind the scene whose mission is to fit all the puzzles together in efforts of making Mistral a very desirable place to work:


Haris (Local Communities and Financial Advisor), Husein (Office Assistant) and Ajla (Administrative Assistant).


Because of our steady but significant growth and the fact we live in such a specific country like B&H, the tireless efforts of this department are as precious as gold.


They are experts of making things look easy; administration, procedures, contracts, bookkeeping assistance, all kinds of procurement and dealing with significant grants are just some of the main things this team handles on daily basis. Their patience, proactiveness and efficiency is off the charts!



Amila (Head of Human Potential), Nerma (Human Potential Associate), Mustafa (Human Potential Development Specialist) and Mila (English Teacher)


This department acts as a strategic partner, employee advocate and personal development force. They organize and lead every recruitment and hiring process, deal with performance and grievance issues, organize reviews (4 months update review, probation review, exit review), ensure timely and effective communication of topics/issues discussed in reviews, are in charge of official communication regarding job applications and requests, ensure all policies and procedures are up to date and legally compliant, coordinate and organize the onboarding process etc.


On top of that, Mustafa, who is an experienced psychologist, is also in charge of coaching and counselling, and Mila, our in-house English teacher, holds 1on1 personalized classes.



Azra (Head of Communications) and Dina (Marketing Manager)


Just like our dev teams, all our departments have to be agile, to stay atop the latest developments, react and communicate quickly and efficiently.

The key to a success or a failure of every organization is the way they communicate with their people and the outside world. Mistral’s internal and external communication, all events, team buildings, brand swag items, articles, blogs, newsletter, web pages, digital marketing, creative strategies, everything brand related - you name it, Azra and Dina handle it. They are the first point of contact with the external community and Mistral’s key ambassadors.


Last but not least… two Mistral gems


There’s a saying in Bosnia for when the space is very tidy: “it’s as clean as an apothecary”. With Hiba and Sanela at our side, we may as well be working at one. These two ladies take care of our whole work environment. When you least expect it, they will even surprise you with popcorn, a cup of tea, a funny joke or a soothing thought. We simply love them.

It is the appreciation and respect of what we have and of each other that create a happy and blooming atmosphere we believe we have here at Mistral.