Mistral team casts a wide net across a multitude of locations, lifestyles, and backgrounds. But so do most teams everywhere nowadays, which is awesome! Differences and diversity are major strengths. Not all teams are organized the same way though, and team organization is the key to success. After many years of trial and error, we’ve learned what organizational infrastructure best supports our ambitions and team culture.

Our structure

Clients refer to us as business partners as we consult them every step of the way. This way of work requires experts who are constantly on their top game. We’re lucky to have 300+ such individuals on board. Building a strong culture that enables their growth is our prime mission. That’s where our core values “People First”, “Culture of Trust”, and “Passion for Growth” play a vital part. Our every move is tailored with them in mind. Finding a way to simultaneously meet these two imperatives (business + culture) was not easy, but we made it possible through our customized organization.

Practice Groups

Practice Groups are communities of employees who share the same
role-defining competencies. They develop them further through knowledge exchange and research. These think tanks also provide support to other teams who may need their particular expertise, have dedicated comms channels and regular meetings. Here are the main PG’s of Mistral:


Members of this group have very strong personalities, a distinct taste, and a ‘user first’ mindset that fuels many of their group talks. What’s there not to love about these creative marvels?


This naturally curious group enjoys discussing different technologies and innovative approaches each time they meet. They are very open to public and often invite external audience to listen in on their meetings.


Nobody handles complexity like this crew. They even have divisions within their group to explore certain technologies in true depth (like Ruby, Python, Node.js and others). True Spartans.


Our full-fledged Mobile PG has the power of turning mobile apps into mobile works of art. Their profound love of apps is easily felt through every swipe.

Quality Assurance

This is the most organized group of experts with sky-high standards. They don’t settle until the final product is impeccable, taking the notion of quality to a whole new level.


On a company level, we have fully adopted the DevOps culture thanks to this group. Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment are a standard part of all our engagements.


These highly-skilled titans continuously prove their dedication to better, bullet-proof solutions. This team ensures security is never compromised while teaching others how to do the same.

Data and Analytics

The beautiful minds of our Data team never seize to impress. Maximizing the value of data, they turn analytical insights into golden results we all enjoy seeing and benefiting from.

Project Management

United to take collaboration to a seamless level, PMs diligently search for ways to enhance all our professional experiences. These great team players are often in the first lines of many battles and we salute them for that.



Departments are common units of every well organized, serious-sized company. The following departments are the backbone of our company:

Human Potential

Our employees are the center of everything we do. Besides the crew’s well being and professional development, this team ensures you are in an ongoing quest of becoming the best version of yourself. 

Marketing and Communications

With their hearts, brains and wit – this team is all in while ensuring the company vibe is on the peak, and our public representation honest and creative.


With a personalized approach, this team is emprinting continuous growth in Mistral’s DNA. On the shoulders of these giants, new generations learn, grow, and make their first steps in the IT industry.


Office Administration

From a warm welcome at our front door to handling all the behind the scenes procedures, this team takes pride in making our business run like clockwork.

IT Operations

With constant pressure to maintain smooth delivery, you wouldn’t assume these guys are the most patient and kind people you’ll meet in the entire building. They make our lives better in so many ways.

Project Teams

Project-based teams at Mistral are very special. Since most of our projects are long term and our company employee retention rate super high, project teams are very close and have many internal jokes and custom rules. All Mistral project teams have a full-stack lineup; from Devs, QAs, Designers to DevOps engineers and PMs.

EE Team

As a continuously growing company, we needed to organize a system of work that ensures a very smooth client experience in all stages and without exceptions. A dedicated group of very experienced professionals was assembled to ensure this premise. We call them the Engagement
Enablement Team.

The primary reasons behind establishing the EE team were:

  • the volume of project intake workload has increased
  • the need to be more expedient in creating proposals
  • access to dedicated seniors at all times

They are dedicated to giving their best in these 3 areas.

Management Team

Accountable and engaged management is an essential piece of the puzzle. Mistral management board consists of 6 humble, sharply dedicated individuals who lead by example and live what they preach.

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Mersed Čamdžić

CEO Europe

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Dino Selimbašić


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Jasmin Azemović


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Practice Groups

Project Teams

EE Team

Management Team

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