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Tara Team Building


Tara Team Building

How wise is it to take guys and girls who work in the software development industry to a remote place with no wifi for 3 days?

It was a daring move which worked miracles for all of us in Mistral. A real switch off from our everyday lives, a real connection with each other and the nature around us. That would be a rough summary of Mistral team building 2018.

Here are some stories and details describing just how “wild” this Mistral adventure was; 

Crossing the border between B&H and Montenegro (Foca/Šcepan polje) was an experience in itself (those who have crossed it will know what we are talking about!). Crossing the border road was the only way to access our Encijan campsite hosts.

It was an evening by the time we made it to Encijan campsite and everyone thought the organiser was joking when he unexpectedly announced that we are going to use small boats to get to our cabins. What a way to get to your destination!

After some paddling, we were welcomed with warm dinner, log fires, rustic cottages, wild nature, beautiful river, hammocks, and most importantly - live music. One thing was clear right away; We were not going to get much sleep on this trip.


The dawns by Tara are breathtaking, especially when you have colleagues with angelic voices not allowing musicians to stop playing. True Bosnian bonding!

Saturday was an action filled day. The majority of our colleagues went rafting; great teamwork, stunning scenery, clean river ensured a fantastic time together. Diving off cliffs just added to the Tara magic. However, what would a rafting experience be if one of the boats didn’t flip?

The current was very strong at one point, a mad log appeared and before you knew it - 6 people were in a tense situation (including our CEO and CTO). Gladly, the log stopped the boat from drifting away completely and one of our colleagues managed to grab on to it. Others were scattered around grasping for that colleuges hand. Eventually, they formed a chain and managed to navigate safely to the shore.

Well, almost everyone. Our dear CTO was taken by the river and we only got him back later on. If you ask us if we were worried, we were not. We were sure he would find a way to join the team again. He is something like a Megamind Macgyver (true story).


While the majority were rowing and diving, a small group went on a hike to conquer the top of B&H, the Maglić mountain. A small snake they met on the way up boosted the energy to reach the peak in top time. The most stunning views of the country and lunch boxes provided by our Encijan hosts were most appreciated. Reaching the peak of B&H is an exhilarating experience we highly recommend!


Since they were there already, they figured…."why not take a 10-kilometer detour to see the legendary Trnovacko lake!" So off they went, and it seemed easy as it was all downhill from there. The Mistral group chatted, sang and laughed until they met THEM and the inevitable standoff happened. They could not tell the number as they were walking one behind another…. The unleashed, unsupervised, gigantic BULLS!  

Two girls ended up hanging off the cliff to avoid the close encounter (don’t ask how). This was a “life hanging on the rope” situation. The bulls tried to reach the girls but being so big, they could not step down towards the cliff without falling (and they tried to do that but because one almost slipped, the others just kept staring and not moving from the path). Now, here is where a true team spirit came to life; the colleagues who went behind the bulls, armed themselves with firecrackers and stones that ultimately saved the situation. If this sounds unreal, we have video evidence to show.

The third group chose to try one of the longest ziplines in Europe, the one over the Tara canyon near Žabljak. They had a scenic drive there and flew over the canyon in a flash!


So what did this team building teach us?

In face of trouble, we look towards each other and work together to overcome any challenge. In face of live music, we sing and dance louder than any group we know. We truly enjoy spending time together in any setting.