Being part of the Mistral community brings substantial benefits to your professional and personal life. The ultimate one definitely being the privilege of working with 300+ genuine people who are passionate about their work their job and have a true comrade spirit.

Our top perks according to
300+ people in Mistral

Abundant professional development

Wellbeing days

3 days per year that our employees can take without notice to unplug from work and recharge.

Customized learning

Individual learning paths fully supported by the company all the way.

Break the Week

Regular hybrid sessions on a variety of topics, both tech-related and not.

Practice Groups

Mothership to people with the same competencies united to achieve more.

Tinker Box

Legitimate technical vacation for a dedicated exploration of new areas of choice.


Seal of professional honor encouraged and covered by the company.


Local or international, if you have a good motive to attend one, Mistral will back you.


Take the initiative to organize or attend one of the many Mistral organizes.

Guest lecturers

Great minds of the STEM and other fields are often invited as guest lecturers.

In-house courses

More experienced members tend to organize internal specialized workshops.

English coach

A dedicated in-house professional with an individual approach to teaching.

Online tutorials

Access to the most relevant materials from any possible realm of interest.

Highly positive work environment and culture

The most important thing in life are the bonds you make with others. Mistral crew gets under your skin in no time no matter what type of a person you are, while the management team becomes your right-hand people and greatest support. We have an awarded culture where accomplishments are recognized, people come first, feedback is taken seriously, and trust plays a key role.

“We believe in our people right from the start. The moment someone joins Mistral, we don’t start with doubt; we start with complete trust.” #cultureoftrust

Azra Sarić, Chief Culture Officer

Fantastic work-life balance

Finding the right balance that suits your lifestyle can be challenging.
To make things smoother for Mistral crew, we offer:

  • unlimited remote work
  • flexible working hours on a fair basis
  • inhouse e-scooters that help beat the traffic while running errands
  • 24/7 access to offices

Fun fact: some of our people use the office to host a game night, show the office to their family, celebrate the birthday of their kid, or simply when they need some quiet time to finish the MA theses for example.

Top perk 1

Top perk 2

Top perk 3

Other perks

World class projects

In-house therapists

Healthcare program

Community events

Company gifts

Mistral discounts

Gym & parking budget

Free public transport

In-house Kindles & games

Supportive community

Endgame workplace

Mistral is not for everyone. It’s easy to spot those who hop companies solely for slight financial gain, or those who don’t value loyalty and are greedy in sharing knowledge. If our values don’t match, no matter how experienced the person is, Mistral is not a place for them. Preserving a culture we’ve spent a decade building is our most precious goal. Here are the results:


first year retention rate


overall retention rate


employee referral hires


of us have a best friend at work


Working at Mistral is rewarding, flexible and feels right.

Giving back

Humility and gratitude are our favorite traits.

Aware of how lucky we are with the cards we’ve been dealt in life, giving back to the community became a big part of who we are as a company. You can only truly rise when you lift others up. If you’re willing, please help support one of our many partners by donating any amount you’re comfortable with. It means more than you know.