Why is Tester‘s Day a True Cause for Celebration

Software Testing is not an easy job. In fact, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is of monumental importance for any successful software development process. Buggy software may harm our reputation, sometimes irreparably.

Quality assurance is not only about testing and correcting bugs. It is the overall process of putting quality into software development.

To do QA properly, test engineers have to work closely both with developers and business departments. Developers share the product’s technical specifications, while the business side includes knowing the big picture of the project/client. This makes them invaluable assets and “go-to when advice is needed” buddies.

If that is not worth celebrating, we don’t know what is!

But why today? Why is this date special?

You know who Grace Hopper is, right?- The famous computer scientists, or to be more precise – a pioneer of computer programming who, among other things, invented one of the first linkers.

Luckily for our community, she loved telling stories about her experiences. Among the many stories that Grace enjoyed narrating, one happened exactly 73 years ago, on September 9th, 1947.

At that time, she was working on the Harvard Mark II computer. An incredible machine, over 15 meters long, and over 2 meters high, capable of doing as much as 8 additions per second!

That day, engineers spent hours investigating an error and finally found its cause: a moth trapped in relay #70, panel F. Somebody grabbed the insect with a pair of tweezers, taped it in the computer’s logbook, and labeled it “First actual case of bug being found”.

This story became the founding myth of a whole subsection of the IT industry: software testing. 

Mistral QA fleet

At Mistral, we currently have 30 fantastic colleagues who are firmly committed to ensuring that the quality of every product meets the highest industry standards.

They don’t use tweezers and a flashlight anymore, but still, they spend every single day searching for defects and ways to optimize everything they get their hands on.Mersiha, Rusmir, Ana, Ammar Ka., Ermin. Edin, Anesa, Anela, Nedim, Dženan M., Armin, Alma, Fatima, Amr, Bekir, Belma, Enes, Daria, Jelena, Zinajda, Dženan D, Sumejja, Ammar Ke., Amina, Edvin, Faruk, Nedim, Haris and Hasan – this is your day.

Here is to your diligent work and charming personalities that make our community even more amazing. Thank you for being so meticulous and patient. For being so reliable and trustworthy. For being true professionals and friends. You are an inspiration and nothing would be the same without you.

Have an incredible day!