The QA Meetup of the Year: Mistral x Sarajevo QA Crew

Co-hosting the 3rd QA meetup “Let’s Test Together” last week with the Sarajevo QA Crew brought together over a 100 like minded talents.

How it all started?

It was only a few months ago when the QA Crew first came to us asking for a meeting. Hosting them was a pleasure. It was then and there that they told us how they see  Mistral as a desired partner for their next QA meetup.

A hardworking team of young people with such a great project? We were in right away.  After all, we’re suckers for a good Meetup with extensive experience in how to throw one. 

Full house in Mistral (100) and a long waitlist (70+) were proof of the much-needed space for conversation on the latest QA trends. Speakers of the night – Anesa Džano (Mistral), Nedim Korjenić and Lejla Kulo (Authority Partners), Aida Mačković and Deniz Kesten (Softray Solutions) presented relevant topics, giving multiple perspectives on the work they do.

Representing the home team, and proudly so, Anesa confidently cracked the ice with her presentation. She spoke about her favorite fields of interest – Business Intelligence & ETL/Data Warehouse testing. After a simplified, yet perfectly detailed presentation, Anesa showed us what it all boils down to; Creating interactive, data-rich reports and charts that if used wisely, can save millions to business. 

How they determine the speed, responsiveness, and stability of software products, evaluating them relentlessly until perfection (or close to it) we learned through examples of Lejla and Nedim. It wasn’t hard to see how much they enjoy the work they do and that performance testing is their dominant field. 

The team from Softray solutions, Aida and Deniz, shed a light on more psychological aspects of QA. In a very amusing way, they spoke about team dynamics and highlighted the importance of clear communication channels between QA’s and devs. The topic of this charming duo was  “Share the pain and find the solution together”. 

It wasn’t hard to notice the audience got inspired by the content since the Q&A session lasted for 30 minutes. Unlike before, this time the QA Crew decided to try something new, and we liked it. They introduced an interesting web browser app called, where the audience could anonymously ask any questions before, during or after the presentations.

Before going to the networking part of the evening, Sarajevo QA Crew awarded two audience members, who published the best ‘photos of the Meetup’ and used the right hashtags, with 100 BAM credit card and a limited edition of Mistral goodies. Cooperating with them was rewarding in more than one way!

Our team is grateful to all the guests for spreading positive energy, initiating valuable conversations and for the kind feedback, we’ve received afterward.