Talented Juniors Supported by the Mistral Flag

It’s with great joy we support sports events and competitions beneficial to our community. Talking about sports, it’s no secret that we have quite a few Mistralovci who enjoy slopes. The fact that the Olympic mountains are practically at our front door doesn’t hurt either.

When folks from the International skiing competition “FIS Kup – Djeca za Mir u Svijetu“ reached out, we couldn’t say no. It is one of 11 junior competitions registered in the calendar of the International Ski Federation (FIS) held worldwide every year. Children ages 12 to 16 participate in three different categories.  

This year, it gathered over 150 junior competitors from 15 countries. Other than a healthy lifestyle, the competition promotes peace and friendship as core values. As organizers state, this competition is a step towards returning the spirit of the Olympic Games and BiH on the official World Cup calendar. 

Supporting and promoting healthy lifestyles and national sports competitions goes beyond slopes and scoreboards. It is a way of bettering our community and investment in the future.

Congratulations to all competitors! We can’t wait for the next Bode Miller to emerge and return the spotlight to our national skiing competitions, which it certainly deserves.