Stronger Together: Mistral Enters a New Chapter as Part of HTEC Group

An exciting new chapter of Mistral history starts today, as we announce the signing of an agreement in which Mistral Technologies becomes part of the HTEC Group. With over 2,000 employees working out of 29 offices across the world, HTEC Group provides a natural partner for growth and scalability for Mistral.   

This strategic partnership represents a tremendous opportunity for professional development for everyone at Mistral. HTEC Group works with some of the world’s best companies on some of their greatest challenges. Together, we now count over 130 active and exciting projects. A portfolio like this brings new technologies to the table, such as embedded, hardware, and robotics, and connects the brightest minds in Southeast Europe to engineer a better future.

United in the quest for greater success 

The current global environment requires consolidation in the engineering services sector. Clients are de-risking their operations by choosing to work with large and stable global vendors that have development centers in multiple locations. To continue to grow, we chose to work together with the HTEC Group to build a larger platform rich in opportunities for top professionals in the IT sector.  

This significant decision took many factors into account. First and foremost, we considered what this means for Mistral community members.

It was crucial for us that the company with which we are partnering upholds our values and shares our core purpose. Aside from that alignment and having very similar ways of working and hiring criteria, what sealed the deal in this partnership was the founders’ similar aspirations and goals.

The founders of both HTEC Group and Mistral have set their sights on becoming a globally recognized engineering powerhouse known for solving the most daunting challenges. On that road, we want to: 

  • be the most desirable place to work in Southeast Europe 
  • continue to cultivate a people-centered culture 
  • build the best platform for growth.
From the management viewpoint 

We see this as a chance for everyone at Mistral to reach their full potential while working on world-class projects. 

The opportunity with HTEC Group is a win-win, which is the only type of deal we’ve ever been interested in, and that benefits and brings value to everyone involved,” says Mersed Čamdžić, founder and CEO of Mistral.  

We joined HTEC Group to support their team in building a fantastic ecosystem for the IT community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to work together on more than 130 exciting and cutting-edge projects for the clients, including those on the Fortune 500 list. 

In Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, the labor market in the IT sector is extremely competitive. There is a severe labor shortage, putting pressure on businesses to provide exceptional working conditions. Despite our 12 years of experience, 300 employees, an award-winning work environment, offices across the country, and over 30 global clients, we cannot guarantee that we will continue to provide the best working conditions in the long run.  

At this moment, we are looking at the next chapter and a very exciting and stable future that opens up numerous opportunities for all of us. As a member of the Group, we are positioned to be actively involved in shaping this fast-growing organization and adding our flair to the culture and processes, as well as impeccable engagement delivery.” 

The worldwide success of both companies stems from the ability to hire the best talent in the region and provide outstanding services to renowned clients. Together, we’re set to reach new heights and take our community’s existing success to a whole new level.