Recap: 5th Gigi School of Coding generation

To be honest, we were a little nervous about February 2019, the month when this year’s Gigi School of Coding generation started. For the first time ever:

  • the program was scheduled to last for 4 entire months (as opposed to 3 as the previous generations);
  • 3 full-time instructors were hired to help Gigi carry out the curriculum;
  • more seniors got involved as guest mentors than ever before;
  • mobile development module was introduced;
  • MERN stack was taught on a very high level.  

Also, this was the first generation to start and finish with the program in the new Mistral home in Marijin Dvor. 

Implementing changes, no matter how big or small, make the heart skip a beat or two inevitably. That is what drives us and the reason we love the IT industry. 

Changing the rules and the pace every single time Gigi School of Coding starts ensures we prepare the participants to face up to the latest industry demands and trends.

Our passion and expertise; their drive and motivation. It was a match made in tech heaven.  

Since we can’t be objective when talking about our participants, here is what our new Gigi instructors and some of the Gigi participants say about their experience at Mistral: 

“Gigi School of Coding is a fantastic place to work as an instructor. The versatility of the age of the interns, their backgrounds and levels of skillfulness of each individual poses a complex challenge, yet a very rewarding one.” Milica Vujadinović, Gigi instructor

“Being accepted in Gigi School of Coding means you are on the way of becoming an equal player in the vivid IT community. These students are exceptional. Just the fact that they have accepted the challenge of working on a project within a successful, fast-developing IT company such as Mistral, they are already placing all the odds in their favor on their way to greatness, and at such a young age” Amra šabić, Gigi instructor

“To tell you the truth, when I decided to apply for this program, it seemed to me that 4 months of 8 working hours per day were too much and too long. Due to the atmosphere in Mistral and the kind people who accepted us like their own while introducing us to the world of software development, I realized that Gigi School of Coding achieved the perfect balance between obtaining new knowledge, teamwork, and free activities.

This is why, Mistral felt like – home.  While presenting our final demo to Mistral’s employees, I realized that in just four months, I have learned the whole MERN stack, more about project management, quality assurance, improved my English skills and got new friends for life!” said Amel Karšić, one of the graduates

Another graduate, Belma Muftić, enjoyed a detailed and well-tailored curriculum of Gigi School of Coding: “What I liked the most is that we have learned a whole spectrum of things, from soft skills and project management to DevOps.Everything is done in great detail, and to be honest, only now *have I* realized how much soft skills are important in the industry.”

We strive to provide a well-rounded education and an environment worthy of exceptional brainiacs but also are committed to continue developing the best of them. Sumejja Halilović is a proper example of that. As one of the most prominent graduates of this year’s edition of Gigi School of Coding, we offered her an opportunity to join our team – full time – which she happily accepted. 

When asked about the experience on the program she emphasized the importance of having a real IT environment for the first time that allowed her to implement skills she acquired during her studies. Despite her experience so far, which included versatile challenges and problem-solving on a daily basis, this was the first time she felt confident to take on the challenge of working on a real software development project.

There is no greater environment to grow, create and learn from than the one in which an individual feels confident and well taken care of. Our mentors and our entire team is here to make that happen.
Now, are you brave enough to apply next?