Prominent scientists and CERN associates visit Mistral

Knowledge is the most powerful tool in the world.

We’re in a constant quest for meeting and hosting some of the most beautiful minds of today.

However, it’s always a special honor to have citizens of our country, with impressive expertise and experience, spending a day in our house. Admir Greljo and Suad Krilašević, two of the most prominent scientists of the new generation, shared a piece of their Universe with us.

Adnan Greljo holds a Ph.D. in physics and is the winner of a two-year contract in the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), a position that is annually granted to two candidates from non-member CERN countries.

Suad Krilašević holds an MA degree in Electrical Engineering and is one of the organizers of the Sarajevo Innovation Festival, the League of Robots and Arduino Battles. On top of all individual achievements, together they are the founders of “Asocijacija za napredak nauke i tehnologije” which has already gathered some of the greatest BiH minds. Some of the aims of this organization is to improve conditions and infrastructure for the development of science and technology in BiH, and strengthening the collaboration of research institutions and industry.

The most exciting part of this conversation was listening about Admir’s daily experience while working in prestigious CERN. As he said, he was always in love with physics but couldn’t dream of one day being able to work side by side with the best physicists of today, in the largest laboratory in the world. It’s admirable where hard work gets you when driven with passion. Giving an engineer perspective, Suad emphasized the important linkage and intersection between science and technology. As he explained, investment in these two fields is a high risk – high gain scenario, but all the great world changes happened with grand discoveries in sci-tech projects. 

Naturally, we had a lot of questions, lost track of time and ended up with a live session on dark matter, black holes, Steven Hawking and…the Universe really. 

We’re honored and happy to be a part of their journey by supporting their next big goal of taking 24 physics professors to explore CERN and come back with new knowledge in the upcoming month. More information to come soon. 

So long, our favorite scientists!