#PodržiOmiljene is here!

PodržiOmiljene is officially launched!

It’s a new platform that provides small businesses in BiH with the opportunity to issue vouchers for their products and services, which customers can use for a period of one year after purchase (buy now – redeem later principle).

The context

We made a platform out of pure enthusiasm and willingness to empower our favorite entrepreneurs in our communities, as a solution to the crisis coronavirus in Bosnia and Herzegovina has caused. In addition to the immediate effect on mitigating the effects of the crisis caused by the pandemic, our vision for PodržiOmiljene is to be a long term asset to small businesses to:

  • increase visibility
  • boost promotion
  • provide a direct connection with their customers


Some of the important features of the platform are:

  • All small businesses from BiH can create a profile
  • The amount of the voucher can be used partially or in full (giving the customer the liberty to use it in accordance with own needs)
  • The voucher can be used for a period of one year from the purchase
  • Small business and customers have direct insight into the voucher balance at all times
  • As a customer, you can send a voucher as a gift via email (gift card)

PodržiOmiljene is simple, free of charge, and easy to use – all you need to do is register a small business on the platform and enter the data needed to receive payments.

Whether you’re a small business representative, or a loyal customer wanting to show support – we welcome you to the platform. The link to the platform is: https://podrziomiljene.ba

Let’s get our faves back on track!