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The moment has come for the Balkans to summarize the past, live the present, and focus on the future. BAM Conference is a platform where South-East Europe music and creative enthusiasts unite. Details about the whole event, tickets, and artists here.

After the first successful hackathon in Zagreb and the second held in šibenik as part of the SuperUho Festival, the time has come for 3rd Music Hackathon – Sarajevo. The Sarajevo event will focus on finding solutions for the music and entertainment industry using the latest technologies. 

Developing a community of music industry enthusiasts and experts who use technology in innovative ways is the ultimate aim. The previous two hackathons managed to create a strong network of state-of-the-art tech solutions and music lovers. Let’s make this happen in Sarajevo too.

Theme & Rules  

Location:  Mistral, 5th floor

Duration:  24 hours

No. of Competitors:  20 – 40 max

People per team:  2 – 4

Each team must include at least one developer while the other group members may be professionals from various areas, e.g. designers, strategists, growth hackers, producers, business developers, content creators, etc.

During the hackathon, the contestants will have mentors who will guide the teams and share expertise if necessary. The professional background of the mentors will vary from experienced developers to authority from the music and entertainment industry.

Topics are open, meaning every team has the freedom to decide which problem they will address and how. The only restriction is that the topic has to be somehow connected to the music or entertainment industry (film, print, radio, television, theatre, cinema, digital).

– Incorporating ML, AI or Data Science into the solution is this year’s theme, but please do not give up on applying if you have thought of a solution that uses other tech. (If you’re not tech savvy this might sound scary, but it’s not. Google the concepts, you’ll see just how familiar you are with them.)

– Teams are not expected to write full technical specifications and create fully functioning prototypes, but elaborate business plans with clear goals and usability flow.

– Example solutions from previous hackathons:

1. The winning team presented a solution for Iskon brand (telecom & internet provider) in a form of a website called “Iskon Scena” which allowed users to check out the ‘atmosphere’ in the clubs around the city before going out. Using cameras, they could check how crowded it is, and what music is being played.

2. One of the teams created a tool used to measure the most popular songs of the year by scanning various sources such as radio plays, YouTube views, streaming numbers, and social media.

3. Also, there were ideas like app for suggesting nearby events in the location the user is currently in (theater shows, movies, karaoke, parties, festivals and similar)

4. Another winning idea included a “festival algorithm” which successfully predicted the market prices and availability of artists using various data. The tool was able to generate a line-up depending on inputs such as the festival budget, genres or the location of the festival.

The organizers retain the right to the intellectual property of created solutions. The goal of the hackathon, apart from creating a hacking culture, is to apply the best solutions to the market.


Mistral is one of the leading IT companies in B&H with over 150 employees. The 5th floor where hackathon will take place consists of a media zone, social zone, game room, 8 conference rooms, Gigi School of Coding room, office space and kitchen. Contestants will have access to all areas. Also, the rooftop will probably be accessible (depends on the weather conditions) for the contestants to chill in the sun and get inspired by the view of the heart of Sarajevo.


26.4. Friday

8-10 pm  gathering, intro, setting of rules, grouping, brainstorming, snacking

10 pm-all nighter time to work (timeline and workload will be defined by each team for themselves)

27.4. Saturday

9 am-6 pm  development time continues, food & drinks included

7 pm  presentations

8 pm  awards


Competitors can apply as an already existing group or individually, but the goal is to balance the knowledge equally across all disciplines. Ideally, there will be 8 teams x 4 persons (32 in total), but if the demand exceeds our expectations, we’ll try to stretch it to a maximum of 40 participants.

E-mails will be sent to all participants who get a spot.

Important note!
If you’re not from B&H and the expenses for the trip seem too high, don’t worry. We will help by covering accommodation fees for 2 teams + 100 EUR for the gas per team. 


All hackathon participants will get full access tickets to BAM-C (value 195 BAM per ticket). 

The winners will be chosen by clearly pre-defined criteria in multiple categories: the most innovative / most creative, the best presentation, the most useful to one of the partners.

The first prize is 500 EUR + tickets to a 2019 music festival by 

Second and third place will be awarded valuable surprise gifts.

Hackathon Meetup: Upon application deadline, we’ll organize a get-together in Mistral in order to discuss details and kick start our brainstorm engines.

Not from around here? No problem, you’ll be able to ZOOM in.  

Are you ready for an #unforgettable experience?