Mistral vs. Pollution

Smog is very common since the beginning of times in Sarajevo, it just gets worse each year due to the number of cars, new buildings and other common 21st century things. As individuals or companies, the only thing we can do or change – is our behavior and practices.

The most recent thing we introduced are the anti-pollution masks for everyone, and they really make a difference. If you haven’t tried them already – you’re missing out! Besides being so useful, they’re very practical and easy to carry at all times.

Aside from this, there are other ways we can battle the more apocalyptic-like days:

Remote work
The benefit of unlimited remote workdays comes to light especially in times like these. Staying in the comfort of your home or mountain apartment was never more appealing and useful. 

Public transport
If we follow the logic “everyone is doing it, so I alone won’t make a difference”, we are all at loss. Using public transport is very common among Mistral crew. We even cover 100% of public transport ticket costs. Traveling without a car can be quite relaxing, and most of our teammates even use that time to listen to a podcast or read something interesting.

Economical, fun and practical way to get from point A to point B. Mistral covering 50% of the monthly parking fee also helps with the appeal.

Inhouse lungsMistral offices are equipped with rare office plants that produce large amounts of fresh air. Greenery in the office makes the environment look and feel fresh. 

An environment-friendly transportation option for when our crew has errands to run. 

Replacing plastic coffee machine cups with glass ones at first seemed drastic at the office since more than 300 coffees are consumed at Mistral daily. But in no time, the team adjusted and now actively suggests new ways that are greener and more environment-friendly.

All important changes are achievable through small (but significant) individual steps.