Mistral Virtual Trivia Night no. 2: Are You Ready for the Second Round?

In February this year, we held our first Mistral Virtual Trivia Night with our local IT community from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In short, it was a blast. If you weren’t there, and want a longer version of how it was read this article.

As many of our colleagues from the regional IT industry (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and others) contacted us afterward with many questions – we decided that the next time we host Trivia Night, we will make sure they know they are most welcome to take part! You spoke – we listened. Our next Mistral Trivia Night will occur on April 8th, 2021 at 5 PM.

Tell Us About the Rules!

Here are 10 rules/things that you need to know before registering:     

  1. Eligible participants of our Trivia Night are all individuals of the IT community in BiH and the region

  2. Two platforms that we will use are MS Teams and Kahoot!

  3. You will need a computer screen/or tablet AND your smartphone. The main screen with questions will be displayed on your computer. Your smartphones will serve as your joystick, where you will choose one correct answer to the offered question.

  4. There are 50 questions total, in 5 categories mixed in random order. Categories are Biology, Chemistry, Tech knowledge, Geography, History, and Popular culture.

  5. There will be 3 awards given to the top three players – Amazon gift cards (values of the cards are 100$ for first place, 70$ for second place, and 50$ for third place). The top 3 players of the quiz on the Kahoot platform are chosen by the number of correct answers, and the speed of the answered questions.

  6. We will be live in an MS Teams room at 5:00 PM sharp. The game will start at 5:10 PM, and the duration of the quiz is about one hour.

  7. The quiz will be conducted in local languages.

  8. Each question will have 4 potential answers and you are choosing only one. You have 10 – 15 seconds to answer each, depending on the question.

  9. You are a free agent once the game starts playing under your own name/nickname. Whether you have a team by your side flipping through their own mental archive or Wikipedia in order to help you – that is completely fine by us.

  10. Once registered, you will receive information with the link to the MS Teams meeting, and on the day of the event, before we start, you will receive a code to access the Kahoot! quiz.

Why are we doing it, you may ask? As the only place we can currently all gather safely is online, and the majority of the context is conferences and tech calls, we wanted to take a break (even for an hour), have fun, learn something new – and potentially get that gift card at our buddy Jeff Bezos’ platform.

Got all the rules? Good. In case you have further questions – ping marketing@mistral.ba

Please register here and let’s get quizzicle together on April 8th!