Mistral Trivia Night: 3 IT Company Representatives Owned the Quiz! Here‘s the Story

Whoa! Our first online Trivia Night was a major success! If you don’t believe us, just ask any of the participants. Around 50 people joined our virtual lobby, some to spectate and cheer and others to show off their knowledge and compete for the prizes!

Three words to describe the night? Thrilling, educational, and funny – all thanks to our players. Well, hosts had something to do with that as well. Amel, our senior dev, and Belma, our community manager ensured a relaxed, engaging, and homey atmosphere throughout the event.

Let’s take you through the night.

Why is Neptune Blue?

There were 51 questions in total. From Nobel Prize winners to ancient Rome and facts about Neptune – the participants had 20 seconds to answer each question. According to Kahoot statistics, there were 14 questions marked as ‘difficult’ as less than 30% of the total number of players knew the answer to them.

One of them was this equation, tweeted by Guido van Rossum himself, the creator of Python and an influential developer:

Would you know the answer? It’s 0 1.

Three Impressive Winners Took All The Glory

One of the 3 people who knew an answer to that question was our Bekir, an in-house Quality Assurance engineer and a passionate quiz master. You can often catch him at all types of trivia, and game nights, as he rarely misses them. If you ever catch him playing, you’ll see why he wins most of the games he engages in. His mental archive and his focus are impressive!

He won first place by answering correctly to 47 out of 51 questions. Our second and third places were won by two impressive techies. Second place went to Franjo from the Nsoft Company and Anja from SEEBA won third place. Here is a standing ovation for you as we are still in awe!

The winners received Star Club Cards by Cinestar. We decided to gift the cards because Cinnestar can be found in all the major cities in BiH and it’s an unwritten rule that quiz lovers are most likely to be movie buffs as well.

Tech Community Rules!

The virtual setting of the Trivia Night turned out to have a major positive side to it. It allowed us to host people from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which physical setup would limit. Our fierce contestants joined from Zenica, Laktaši, Mostar, Banja Luka, Bihać, and Tuzla.

A major thank you to all players for showing fair play, competitiveness, and a true spirit of the tech community in BiH. We are happy to be surrounded by your wisdom and wit. 

Until we meet again, the title of Wizard of Knowledge of the IT community stays in our house. The second Trivia Night is in the plans, so keep your minds sharp and ready.