Mistral at B2B Run: Expect the unexpected

Lead by our previous experiences, our expectations for this year’s race wasn’t too high. Make no mistake, we can sure run, but we didn’t think we’re champion material. Some team members even asked if they can walk through the race, while others complained that they weren’t feeling well. 

The whole team went anyway (that’s the attitude!).

They were hyped about the new Mistral gear, laughable moments that were bound to happen, and the afterparty for blowing off some steam. Little did they know what is going to happen.

A race intended for the business community of BiH brought together around 1 500 employees of 90+ different companies again! 

Teams consist of a minimum of three employees of the public/private sector registered in B&H. The best team (or three best teams in each category) is the one where the time of the first three runners is calculated. Competing categories were split into teams of small, medium and large enterprises.

A total of 22 runners from Mistral ran a 4,5 k race and, for the first time ever, brought a trophy back home. They actually won a bronze medal in the category of medium-sized companies. The team exceeded each other’s expectations (to say the least).  

Best three runners from Mistral had stellar results; Amer Ratković (0:17:07), Faris Odobašić (0:18:32), and Amir Muminović (0:20:02).

In total, out of the 97 companies whose employees were competing, Mistral set its rank high in 15th place.

Congratulations to all Mistral runners. You are, by far, the fittest of us all!