Join Mistral Virtual Trivia Night: Let’s Get Quizzicle

For those of you who know us, it’s no secret we have a tradition of throwing the first game night of the year in the shortest month of them all. Being unable to do so in the physical space, due to ongoing restrictions that COVID19 placed on us – we are hosting our first Mistral Trivia Night in an online environment.

Who Can Participate/Compete?

Mistral Trivia Night is open to individuals of the IT community in BiH. The questions will be presented only to 4 people in Mistral, so the rest of our crew can compete as well. Nobody else from our team will see the questions prior to the Trivia Night. We swear on our code.

Your hosts and moderators of the evening will be:
1) Amel Spahić – Senior developer @Mistral
2) Belma Kučukalić – Community manager @Mistral

Rules of the Game

Let’s go through the technicalities first. Imagine an in-person Trivia Night, but this time we play it virtually – over MS Teams. You will need:
1. Computer screen/or tablet
2. Your smartphone

The platform we will use is Kahoot, but you don’t need to create an account.  The main screen with questions will be displayed on your computer. Smartphones will serve as your joystick, where you will choose one correct answer (out of four). Both of your screens will look like this:

Everyone is a Free Agent

There will be no teams. Everyone will play individually. Questions will be read out loud, and you will have 10-15 seconds per question to answer it (depending on the question). There are a total of 50 questions that will be displayed in a sporadic manner, with 5 categories: Technology, Geography, Biology, History, and Popular Culture.

How to Join the Event

One day prior to the quiz, we will send a link to our virtual game room (Read: Microsoft Teams). You can click on it, and attend via browser, as you don’t have to download the app. We will have one free trial question just to make sure everyone gets the rules and the platform.

Awards: The Winner Takes it All

Aside from massive star points as the quiz masters in the IT industry, there will be 3 awards given to the top three players. If you are familiar with the Kahoot platform, you know that the top 3 players are chosen by the number of correct answers, as well as the speed of the answered question. The first three places will win the Stars Club Bonus Classic card by Cinestar Cinema. Apart from that, the winner will be crowned as the Wizards of Knowledge of the IT community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Come on, who doesn’t want that?


We will be live at 5:00 PM so that we can say hello and iron out any possible technical issues. The game will start at 5:15 PM. Please make sure you come on time, so we can keep the race fair and keep our starting points the same. The duration of the quiz should be around one hour.

Prove us you are the next Game Master of our Game night and register here.

We wish you lots of luck. Let’s see each other again, have fun, play smart and WIN!