It’s official: We are partnering with BHFF!

A common goal is the heartbeat of every worthy partnership. Being avid advocates of knowledge sharing and supporting the youth of BiH every way we can, partnering with Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation (BHFF) came naturally to us.

We are honored to join the BHFF family, one of the most prosperous networks of changemakers in BiH. To us, creating an experience that would positively affect the youth of BiH, and engaging with them in educational activities, comes as a top priority.

About BHFF

Empowering the youth of BiH through education, technology, and leadership is the main goal of BHFF. As all visionaries have goals, theirs is to reach out (and provide quality support) to 10 000 changemakers by the year 2030. We’re thrilled to support this grand goal by sharing our resources with them. 

Find the latest news about their activities here.

Mistral x BHFF: A threefold partnership

There are three activities behind our partnership:

1. One-on-one mentoring

Seeking to develop, in personal and professional life, is what creates progress and ultimately – excellence. One of the ‘tools’ that can assist this process is having a one-on-one mentor. According to research, only 37% of young professionals have a mentor, but the numbers of people seeking a mentor are on the rise. 

Accelerating a person’s development takes devotion, patience, and time. Our Mistral colleague Mustafa, a mentor in the BHFF ecosystem, doubtlessly owns these traits. His mentee was Meliha Dejkić, a second-year student at the Faculty of Information Technologies in Mostar.

According to him, the biggest strength of mentorship program is the human bond and mutual benefit this part of BHFF program creates:  “Mentorship is the art of growing while helping others grow; you learn so much by being with others on their journey that the roles of the mentor and the mentee easily become blurred. The BHFF Mentorship program was both a great sharing and learning experience – I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.”

Next step? Engaging more Mistralovci as BHFF mentors.

2. Workshops/Open sessions with Mistral

All the students in BHFF ecosystem will have a priority in all our events. Every week, we have around 6 in-house lectures, workshops, and open sessions on various topics from the world of technology, business, leadership and more, led by our own experts. We find that sharing expertise and having an open conversation about our projects, work, team dynamics is a key part of our work. All these events will be open to BHFF students.

3. Emir Zec scholarship fund

As a token of love and appreciation for our late colleague, and a true friend Emir Zec, we decided to establish a scholarship fund in his name. The best way to keep a loving memory of all the time we’ve shared together is by creating a legacy that he would be proud of. 

His memory is a great inspiration for many of the endeavors of the Mistral community, and not a day goes by that we don’t remember him in some way. This scholarship is just another way of us realizing his dream; to do and share good. The Emir Zec fund will unlock an opportunity for a generation of students from Bosnia and Herzegovina to pursue University education of their choice. We will start with this activity in September this year.

Behind each successful partnership lie meaningful relationships. According to our experience and energy so far with BHFF team and students, there will be plenty of great stories to tell, and bonds to be celebrated. 

Looking forward to all collaborative efforts on our joint path. 

Whether you are a student, professional, or a company/NGO/institution there are multiple ways of engaging with BHFF. 

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