Introducing: Mistral Loyalty Card (New Perk)

Happiness is built on the little things in life. As a company that’s made placing people first one of our core values, we know how important it is to show appreciation for our people in not just the grand gestures, but through small tokens that bring value and are useful in everyday lives.

Such token is our new perk. 

Collaboration On The Next Level   

Mistral is proud to collaborate with many remarkable companies across Bosnia and Herzegovina. After a decade of building success stories with a big number of local businesses, many of them became our partners and even dear friends. To take things to the next level, where everyone can benefit greatly, we made a special deal with the partners: all 235 of us at Mistral will get to enjoy special discounts at partners’ businesses, while they gain a big number of new regulars! A win-win scenario.

We sealed the deal with our favorite partners and created exclusive Mistral Loyalty Cards for everyone in Mistral. 

The card itself has 2 functionalities:

1. To be used as Mistral employee verification at the store to enable the discount
2. To lead to a portal (via a QR code) where all the partners are presented in detail (contact information, logo, location, description, discount amount, etc.)

Mistral Loyalty Card Partners 

The list of local businesses we support is ever-growing as we continue to build relationships across the country, but at the moment, our main partners in the Loyalty Card scheme include:

The partners are carefully chosen based on multiple criteria:

  • the quality of their service/product 
  • the variety of their offer 
  • the customer relationship aspect
  • relevance of the offer to our community
  • mutual trust and respect 

We are very proud and happy to have been able to realize this initiative that actually started with our first neighbor in Sarajevo – Spazio Gourmet! As soon as we moved our biggest hub (Sarajevo) to Hrđava building on Maglajska 1, they greeted us with such warmth and were there for us right from the start. Their 20% discount for us was so appreciated and well-received that it ignited this entire initiative!

13 partnerships later, we feel like we’re just at the start of something beautiful.

As we regularly use their services as a company, we now also continuously promote their great business practices internally. Our hope is that everyone in the community will find their favorite places that they will love visiting occasionally while enjoying the benefit of the discounts!