Green quest: We Helped Plant 6700 Trees

Have you ever thought of sentimental value behind planting trees?

Some people decide to mark an important date in their lives (such as the birth of a child, or anniversary) by planting a tree. Sometimes country diplomats plant trees together as a symbolic collaboration step. Often, we link a certain tree to our childhood; whether we were climbing it, had a swing attached to it, or were sneaking into our neighbors backyard to get some fruit off one. 

When we heard of an activity organized by the ‘Let’s Do It’ BiH team over the weekend in Dejčići, we didn’t think twice. Many of us at Mistral are huge nature fans, and it was our mission for the weekend to contribute by planting as many trees as we physically can. 

‘Let’s Do It BiH‘ is a local chart of a global ‘Let’s Do It World’ movement, that includes 113 countries worldwide. More than 18.000.000 volunteers engage in different activities to make the earth greener. Quite impressive, right? 

A weekend to remember

Around 800 volunteers, including the Mistral crew, gathered early in the morning in Dejčići, a smaller village near Olympic mountain Bjelašnica. As this activity can be challenging for newbies, we were lucky we had assistance. ‘Let’s Do It’ team brought professionals along, with all the tools needed. 

We had instructions all the way, but make no mistake we did plant them on our own (and have sore muscles and a few blisters to prove it). We spent the entire day planting, learning about different types of trees and soil and – getting to know our team members better. Some of our colleagues brought the youngest family members with them.

The end result? 

6 700 new seeds of Scots pine were planted. We were proud, not only of ourselves but for all the individuals who joined that day. It was quite a powerful vision to see what a determined group of people can do in one day.

Great job team and major respect to the Let’s Do It Bosna i Hercegovina for making this possible!

In case you want to join their next activity, check them out here: