Government Recognition: Gigi School of Coding

We have been running the Gigi School of Coding program for the past five years. The program has been upgraded each year, to cover the latest technology stack and educate BiH youth in the programming skills for their future professional career.

The idea behind it belongs to our Head of Education, Gigi, who believed that the program is the best way to prepare and recruit the best talents in our country. We are pleased to have shared the time together with so many smart and driven individuals, many of whom are our colleagues now.

Since a little help goes a long way, when a public call was issued by the Ministry of Trade, the Government of the Sarajevo Canton, we applied in June 2019 along with other 116 companies. We were delighted to hear that we made it into the top 8 which received the grant. More details here.

On that note, here are some interesting facts about our program:

Gigi School of Coding is an advanced mentorship program that started in 2015
-The program has been absolutely free for participants since the very beginning
-The program costs around 100.000 KM per cycle
-On average, 200 people from the entire region apply for the program
-The program lasts for 4 months, 8 hours a day
– In 2019, Mistral introduced the second cycle of Gigi School of Coding; It now occurs twice a year
– To date, 73 candidates completed Gigi School of Coding
-The current, sixth Gigi generation counts 20 candidates
-100% of our previous participants are happily employed (Mistral 56%, other IT companies 44%).
This program is the only one in the country having 5 full time dedicated mentors and over 10 senior guest mentors.

To receive a little support from the Government of Sarajevo Canton in educating our youth is refreshing. The initiative covers 50% of how much Mistral spends for just one cycle of the program.

Congrats to all Bit Alliance members whose mentorship programs have been recognized and awarded!