Golden 2020: The Year We Joined Forces with Olympia Capital Partners!

It is our honor and pride to announce that we partnered up with the fantastic team of Olympia Capital Partners (OCP), a global independent private equity firm. We are integrating our business activities with the goal of creating new software hubs and expanding our businesses across Europe and the USA.

After Mistral’s incredible first 10 years, we’re more than ready to spread our wings.

What Do We Bring to the Table?

Our deep expertise in software product development has resulted in long-term relationships with numerous Fortune 500 clients and steady growth of our SME client base. As our partners point out, one of the most important things for them is our unique approach to building a healthy company culture and our personalized approach to the professional development of employees. It has led to an industry-leading retention rate and a community of Southeast Europe’s most accomplished IT professionals.

As our partner, OCP brings deep expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), international expansion, and operational greatness to this partnership, which will be critical in the next phase of growth.

A Word From our CEOs

OCP’s Partners will join our strategic management board to strengthen Mistral’s position as the company seeks to increase its presence globally.

Nedim Mušić, the CEO of OCP, emphasized the importance of this partnership to their company: “We have been watching and admiring the success of Mistral for several years. Their ability to build a widely recognized development platform with impeccable results for a decade, without outside investment is nothing short of exceptional.”

The vision of our founders, combined with the resources and expertise of OCP, creates a terrific opportunity to build a regional, and a global IT powerhouse.

Mistral’s General Manager Mersed Čamdžić stated: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with OCP and their further integration within Mistral. OCP’s expertise in growing new markets, as well as their global network of relationships, will be pivotal as we will work to accomplish an ambitious growth strategy goal over the next 5 years. At Mistral, we pride ourselves on putting people first. OCP understands our values of People First and the Culture of Trust are the foundation of a culture that sets us apart. We are ecstatic to have found a partner with whom we are so well-aligned, and we are excited to expand Mistral’s footprint around the world.”

The IT industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina has a significant share in the total GDP of our country. It also carries a strong potential for fostering economic growth. Since it is a relatively new industry for Bosnia and Herzegovina, it mainly attracts young, talented people and gives hope that youth decide to stay in our homeland and enjoy the best working culture.

Our strategic partnership with OCP serves as a promise to further the development of the IT industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. 

We are looking forward to what 2021 brings with such strong partners by our side.