The Big Finale

The end of 2019 brought the final demo and graduation ceremony of the Gigi School of Coding 6th generation.
4 Gigi teams demonstrated the Time Keeper solution and showed how specific roles at a company can use and benefit from it in their everyday work. 

In 4 months of Gigi School of Coding, 640 hours of training were invested in uncovering raw talent of 20 diligent participants who were pushed out of every comfort zone they knew, put in many real case client scenarios, though the craft of coding on the next level, and pushed to think like real engineers.

Read more about the program they covered here.

Mentors worked with 8 participants on the backend track, 7 on frontend, 4 QA and 1 PM.

13 of the participants received a Mistral contract and joined the team full time.

What the future holds for our Gigi team of instructors?  

For now; preparation for a new generation of Gigi students, internal educations, collaboration with high schools and sharing knowledge via Practice Groups.