Generation 6

The 6th cycle of Gigi School of Coding began today.

This is the first time in Gigi history that we’re organizing our advanced teaching program for the second time in one year. Apart from that change, we’ve introduced a new organizational concept of the program. The participants now have the same agenda for 1 month, but then things get interesting when we divide them into specialized teams; frontend, backend and quality assurance (depending on their preference).

Candidates remain in the specialized teams for the next 3 months. More details here.

This is the start of a new chapter in both our books. We look forward to hearing their feedback at the end and seeing their progress, but for now, here are some photos that captured a few scenes from the screening period and interviews:

We had over 100 applications overall, but only 56 candidates made it to the first round of testing as they met our certain criteria. We scan all the CVs, cover letters and GitHub accounts very carefully. The 56 candidates did a  technical test, GRIT test, and an interview with Gigi mentors and our HP team. Based on the test results, we have chosen the top 20 candidates. 

And of course some fresh photographs from today:

As we take great pride in giving equal starting points to everyone, we are pleased to announce that the gender balance of our participants improved! There are 9 female participants and 11 male ones in this generation.

Mistral team wishes lots of luck to the next generation of Gigi students!