Gamechanger: The girl who designed an app to help stroke survivors

Every once in a while, we get stunned by individuals in our community challenging the status quo.

As a long term gold sponsor of FIT Coding Challenge, one of the most prominent coding competitions for students in BiH, we couldn’t be more in awe of this year’s winner.

Emina Kapetanović is a 23-year-old student at FIT, Mostar, with an already impressive volunteering background in European Youth Parliament, SPARK, ONAuBiH, Association of High School students in BiH and many other initiatives.

She designed an app that could potentially be life-changing.

App name: MOTUS
(remember it well):

App idea – The Why

As problem-solving based on personal experience provides the best results, Emina drew on her reality. Her father had a stroke in the recent past, leaving him and the family with many consequences and hard questions.

Soon she realized that not much information and resources can be found online, or even offline. This is where the idea lightbulb hit her – with her skills, knowledge, and personal context she could create an app that could assist all stroke survivors (and their families) with recovery by providing reliable information. 

And so she did. But only after she consulted with over 50 doctors, spoke with a number of professors, and created a very serious business plan. Besides the legitimacy of her content, her other major app goal was to make it as simple and user friendly as possible. 

App features – The How
Motus app mockups

The prototype of the app was developed carefully and with all data provided by the medical experts in mind. The app is intended to be made available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Here are some of its features:

  • It offers an initial 2-minute test to determine the level of abilities of a stroke survivor, after which the person gets a recommended and tailored action plan for a better recovery
  • The app contains different types of linguistic, memory and physical exercises 
  • Easy track of progress for the family and caregivers is also available
  • FAQ section with answers provided by medical experts
  • The magnifier incorporated as a feature, in case of visual impairment of the user, (it magnifies up to 12x!)
  • Calendar for neatly organized appointments
  • Reminder for taking prescribed medicine on time
  • SOS emergency call with an automatic voice message containing the patient’s info
Highlights: The impressive and inspiring
  • Hard-core dedication; working hard and balancing between University exams, taking care of her dad, conversations with medical staff, creation of a business plan, talking to the media, and self-care – is not an easy task even for a senior professional.
  • Design simplicity – Less experienced professionals usually go for a feature-rich application that turns out complicated and confusing for the user. Many years pass before most learn that simplicity is the key to every great app. Emina not only insisted on keeping the app simple and straight to the point, but she already had the entire interface redesigned and adjusted to further support this goal.
  • Business plan gold – It is a well-known fact that over 95% of startups fail. Fast. One of the main reasons for their doom is the lack of market research, post-development plans, user research, and many other elementary components that are usually found in well-developed business plans. Emina set her idea (app) for success from the very start. After realizing that this app is a gamechanger, she started gathering a group of professionals from all areas of expertise so she could deliver a perfect product to users.
  • Self-awareness – Knowing what you’re good at and nurturing specific skills makes everyone’s life that much easier. Sadly, most young people nowadays spend years finding their niche. Emina has her mind set on becoming a professional Project Manager. Not a shocker, right? She is already showing excellence in this area.
  • Circle of trust – Emina keeps her circle of trustees tight and is very careful with who she works with. Again, something important we’ve all experienced and usually got burned a few times before we became more careful. Besides doctors and University professors, she relies on a colleague UX/UI designer Kenan Nazdrajić who is tirelessly helping her idea see the light of the day.  

The list can go on for quite some time actually. We hope you’re at least half as impressed as we are. Emina continues to write updates about her app on her Linkedin profile, so don’t forget to follow her and show her some support. We sure will!