First Mistral Game night

We LOVE games. Seriously; board games, quizzes, and consoles are our jam. The first official Mistral’s game night was a great fusion of business and technology.  In the first part of the evening, we engaged in a ‘GeekOut’  quiz. The questions were versatile, stemming from the world of gaming, video, and board games alike. 

The quiz was based on 6 thematic areas, from general tech knowledge to gaming trivia. As one of the two Game masters of the night, our very own Bekir made sure to motivate teams and share useful hints.

As the night went on, players split up and chose from the various game stack brought by our partner Sanjin (MyGift shop). He was also the second Game master of the evening. Even though Sanjin showcased a few new games from the shelf, everyone picked it up quickly. We enjoyed playing them all, from classics to Star Trek Catan. The games we explored were: Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride Europe, Code names, Carcassone, Dobble, Timeline, Draw Out, Jenga tower, Alias, Scrabble, Pandemic, Fluxx, Resistance, Citadels, and Skylanders!

In case you’re organizing game night, be careful while choosing your game masters, as they play a key role. We were lucky, as our game masters (facilitators) were true experts in organizing and playing (read: winning) different types of games. 

Aside from being an excellent choice of unwinding after a long day at work, we find this shared experience to be a great way of leveling-up our community and friendships.

As we believe we are in ‘the golden age’ of board games, we can’t wait to continue this tradition and organize the next Mistral game night. 

P.S. Here’s a quick piece of trivia we’ve discovered during quiz time: Did you know that this guy has an actual name?

(No, it’s not the Monopoly guy.)

It’s Rich Uncle Pennybags.