Family First

Building a strong community had always been our priority.

We see Mistral as a place we all come together to fulfill our ambitions, grow professionally and create something incredible together that people around the world benefit from and enjoy using.

We also see Mistral, not as a community of 132 employees, but of 132 families and friends. That is why we put a strong emphasis on the work-life balance concept, and strongly discourage overtime work.

To keep our community well connected and close, we enjoy organizing team lunches, team buildings, meetups, lunch and learns and various other events. One of our favorites is definitely THE KIDS PARTY.

Right after we “grown-ups” had our fun playing Secret Santa, we continued the Holiday cheer with the kids. Seeing them happy brings out very special feelings.

Over 50 little ones enjoyed live music, face painting, Santa’s visit and gifts, cartoons screening, colorful sweets and giant legos that were set up all around our social zone. This was a chance for Mistral juniors to meet each other and play, as well as for their parents to let their hair down and join in the festivities.

Family is not an important thing, it is everything.