DevSecOps Meetup: The New Organisational Mindset

If done right, DevOps implementation should bring fantastic results to any company: better collaboration between teams, faster time to market and improved overall productivity, to name a few.

But what good is it, if the security aspect isn’t prioritized? In a time when IT infrastructure has evolved immensely, it has become vital to have a holistic approach to security.

That’s why we decided to host a meetup “The New Organizational Mindset – ‘DevSecOps’ to start a discussion about how to stay on top of the security game throughout the entire software life cycle process.

The meetup started off with two individual presentations by Jasmin Azemović, Mistral’s Chief Information and Security Officer (topic: Cyber-security challenges from a Development perspective), and Ratomir Vukadin, Mistral’s DevOps engineer (topic: DevSecOps automation). 

Two of them joined the panel discussion that followed, with two more speakers – Saša Mrdović (Associate professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo) and Tarik Demirović, (DevSecOps Manager, UBDI). The conversation was moderated by our Technology Fellow Namik Nuhanović. 

During a one-hour discussion, the speakers talked about the importance of individual and company awareness of security, the most interesting cases they’ve encountered in their everyday jobs, and the necessity to be our very own devil’s advocate when it comes to internal security procedures.

After the panel, guests spent quite some time engaging with the speakers and each other. Our mission was accomplished. Have a glimpse of the great atmosphere that accompanied the entire meetup:

As we’re looking forward to further strengthen the security community in BiH, this panel was intended as an intro to an in-depth conversation about organizational security at the NetWork conference in Neum. Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the conference was postponed to November. Four of our experts will be attending, holding workshops and a panel on the topic of DevSecOps.