Deloitte‘s Impact Star Award for Mistral

Mistral has been supporting the local economy, education, culture, sports, and charitable organizations from the early days through numerous company efforts, but also through many individual employee initiatives. This led to many recognitions over the years that we rarely speak about publicly. However, for this most recent recognition, we’re making an exception. Positive stories of high impact need to be shared!

We put many hours into creating opportunities that benefit the wider community. These types of projects make us go a few extra miles by default as we put our hearts and souls into them.

Some of our recent projects that grabbed Deloitte’s attention are:

BHFF Partnership; Emir Zec Scholarship

A recent partnership with NGO BH Futures Foundation helps us find the best-suited students for our newly established Emir Zec scholarship. We initiated it in honor of Emir Zec, who was one of the most selfless people, a mentor to many talented junior colleagues, and our former colleague who sadly lost a life battle in 2019. We will not let him be forgotten and what better way than to continue the work he put in shaping young minds. More information on the link here

Digital Partner to Sarajevo Film Festival

Mistral firmly believes in cross-industry cooperation and strongly supports partnerships of BiH brands. As of 2020 Mistral is a proud digital partner to Sarajevo Film Festival, having built a new and improved ticketing system! More about our partnership on this link.

Mistral ArtWall

To help BiH artists get space to exhibit their work, we launched the Mistral ArtWall project. It was implemented in January 2020 when 6 artists exhibited their remarkable pieces in our offices in Sarajevo and Mostar. The idea is for them to be able to use our space to show off their work, sell it, and promote their talent in general. We continued our support to talented artists through another project that started now, in December. Find out how this new project “BuÔöÇ├ªenje Svijesti” helps move art forward in our recent article.

Public knowledge sharing sessions

Our well-known meetups and open sessions found their place in the digital world in 2020. Besides our colleagues, many of Mistral’s external guest presentations were open to the public. Our guest-list included many interesting and inspiring individuals like Saldina Nurak (a developer who records YouTube software programming learning sessions), Enis Šišić (a Marvel comic designer), or Edyta Javorek (a Google designer), etc. We were happy that 250+ external listeners joined us during our sessions in 2020! We’ll keep them coming!

Our culture has taught us that when the times are rough, we stand tighter together, without ever losing sight of what is truly important – teamwork. How we treat each other and the ones around us is our most important reflection. Thank you Deloitte team for recognizing our grit and for becoming a part of our community, and for these wonderful words:

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