Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall at Mistral

Working in today’s dynamic business environment Mistral recognizes the need to be flexible, adaptive and proactive in using adequate methodologies to deliver excellence.

Agile project management is an approach we mostly use to manage our creative project processes. The flexibility of Agile methodology allows continuous attention to technical excellence and great design. But above all, it helps create a true partnership with our clients whose business goals become ours too. By embracing, accommodating and accepting change, Mistral has been evolving in the area of Agile methodology continuously. With so many lessons yet to be learned, including planning and prioritizing, Mistral wishes for people to be proactive and drive change, bring about great new things and fresh ideas.

To extend our practical knowledge of different methodologies and soft skills, we hosted two wonderful knowledgeable ladies from the US. Judith Mills and Debra Feltoe who together run Judith Mills Consulting dedicated to helping software companies achieve high-quality software with speed to market. Judith and Debra are seasoned executives who started off as developers.

This enables them to provide insightful training and coaching to all those working in IT industry. That is why Mistral recognized them as best partners in assisting us with making our work more efficient, our environment healthier and our teams better. Our training sessions covered: teamwork, effective communication, active listening, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, Kanban vs Agile, facilitation for Scrum masters, great retrospectives, and project management styles. 

During the 5 days of intensive in-house training, Judith and Debra worked closely with all teams at Mistral and facilitated healthy discussions and engaging workshops.

Impressions and results?

Aldin, Reporter, Scrum master “Even though I’m personally digging deep into the topics our coaches covered, I’m really happy to have had an opportunity to hear and learn from such experts. Having an approach that is not taken from the book, but from rich experience, is something I find most intriguing and valuable. Fantastic insights and eye-opening topics!”

Fatima, Reporter, Scrum master  “I enjoyed that we were given different scenarios where we had to come up with our own solutions. The coaches made sure no-one felt uncomfortable during the process; moreover, with their excellent coaching skills, I do see team members embrace changes using the techniques provided. The way they engaged us was fascinating. I feel that everyone is more confident now in approaching team members and resolving issues tactically.”

In sum, we developed skills to efficiently dissect complicated problems into a series of bite-sized steps to reach the best solution. The approach that seems essential for our life in general. 

We found great value in getting insights from the outside, giving us a new perspective and renewing our enthusiasm for everything we do and how we do it.