A Proud Digital Partner of Sarajevo Film Festival: Here‘s the Story

Imagine the following scenario: The greatest film festival in the region needs you to create a customized ticketing software. MVP deadline – 2 months. You have a team of individuals that have never worked together as a team before. 

Besides an experienced PM (ex-Senior QA), an Architect and Team Lead, a Gigi frontend mentor, and a very experienced QA, your team counts 4 newly employed devs (our best Gigi students from the last generation). This is to be the first big project for the 4 of them.

As if the circumstances weren’t challenging enough, the coronavirus pandemic hits the world and makes everyone work remotely, just as you created a game plan.

And so it began. A story of a team eager to beat all odds and a client worth every mammoth effort.

About the festival 

Sarajevo Film Festival is one of the brightest products of BiH and the SEE region, and one of the biggest film festivals in Europe. It attracts over 100,000 people annually and screens hundreds of films from around 60 countries. Quite impressive, right?

All numbers aside, Sarajevo Film Festival is doubtlessly the brand we all take pride in. Some of its unique features are: the iconic Heart of Sarajevo award, a unique red carpet inspired by the elements of the Sarajevo rugs from 1930, the presence of international culture and film creators, and the energy of our streets during that week.

A partnership for the books

For all mentioned and many other reasons, it is nothing but an honor to embody the role of the Digital partner of the Sarajevo Film Festival for 2020.

Imagine the excitement amongst our crew once the initial plan to partner up with our favorite festival was announced. Being passionate about film (with around 100 of us going together to check the newest Tarantino movie at SFF last year) and technology, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Moving the Festival forward through worthy digital enhancements

Our team is in charge of creating, implementing, and running the official Ticketing System for SFF. The aim of the ticketing system is to provide a technical backbone for the SFF crew, improve user experience, and add value to the Festival itself, by centralizing the processes. 

Simplifying the interaction between the SFF team, participants, and guests, the new system will offer a multifunctional platform for easier Festival overall management.

In just two months, our team has managed to create a working MVP for Internal Ticketing System that includes multiple functionalities:

  • Admin application: administration of tickets, authentication, and authorization, managing user profiles, accreditation, venues, ticket types, seat types, screening lists and details, shopping cart, ticket cancellations, discounts, recognition of which edition of the film festival it is, integration with an external event management system; 
  • POS application for issuing, printing and selling tickets, canceling tickets while ensuring the ticketing software works with a specialized printer

The project is also fully in accordance with our latest DevSecOps practices and standards. The apps created within this project rely on single backend architecture and are hosted on AWS.

The next step is the grand reveal to the entire SFF team, testing in real-life environments, analyzing points of further improvements, etc. Exciting times ahead indeed!With hopes of further expanding the Festival momentum and seeing the fruits of this partnership come to life soon,  there’s one more important thing left to say:

HATS DOWN to the entire team who worked on this project. Your commitment to this project is admirable. We’re so very proud of your achievements!