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Mistral Projects: Brief Insight

08.02.2018 - READING TIME: 8 minutes

Mistral Projects: Brief Insight

What are we working on here at Mistral has been quite a mystery, hasn’t it?

What kind of projects are you working on?” is literally the most frequently asked question by almost everyone. Those of you who visited us know we’ve been quite open to sharing details about our projects in person, especially when you have specific tech queries.

Other than that, showing and discussing our projects was, and still is, a delicate matter as we are limited to what we can reveal. The non-disclosure agreements (NDA) we’ve signed with the clients are quite strict.

However, we have decided to give you a little sneak peek into what we do by shortly describing some of our major projects.

Project 1 - IoT connected vehicle           

This project is devoted to the future of connected car technology aiming to support and promote car safety (IoT). Our client closely collaborates with top global automakers to build innovative solutions for a better in-car experience with a specific focus on safety and distraction minimization. This client actively seeks our consult in enhancing the diagnostics, infotainment features, and better user experience for connected cars globally. Our team designs and develops a full experience for handling the ‘Wifi in the car’ by creating web and mobile versions of the client’s portal for about 15 of the top global car brands.

TECHNOLOGIES USED | Angular / Bootstrap / TypeScript / Grunt / Jasmine / Karma / NPM / Less.js / Sass /

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Project 2 - Securing mobile devices

This American client operates internationally, providing phone and device protection programs for millions of subscribers. They offer completely customizable plans that range from damage extended warranty to full coverage (lost, stolen, accidentally damaged, and malfunctioning). The offers can even be integrated with special retention and leasing programs.

Our team has been designing and implementing a software solution that enables this process,  making it smooth and simple for users to insure their devices. The result? Client’s business already significantly expanded and now supports tablet, iPad and other non-cellular device insurance.

TECHNOLOGIES USED | C# / ASP.NET WEB API / Entity Framework / T-SQL / SQL Server / Angular / JavaScript / HTML / CSS

Project 3 - IoT Smart shipping

This project is committed to enabling professional management of IoT devices; ranging from shipping containers, cars to elevators and other smart devices for big companies. It can be seen as a single pane of glass providing an overview of numerous devices and services (such as allocation, provisioning, usage reporting, tracking, billing, settlement, account maintenance and business intelligence for IoT connectivity and value-added services) that happen to be scattered across the globe. Our team works on creating a web and mobile application of the portal.

TECHNOLOGIES USED | Redux / React / NGINX / JavaScript / Node.js / NPM / Sass / AWS Lambda / AWS CodePipeline / AWS CodeBuild / AWS CodeCommit / AWS API Gateway / AWS PeerConnections / AWS EC2 / AWS ECS / AWS LoadBalancing / AWS Autoscaling / AWS SES / AWS S3 / AWS RDS / AWS Route53 / AWS CloudFormation / AWS Workmail / Mutli-factor Authentication / Webpack / Selenium / Protractor / Docker / Jenkins / Redis / PSQL


Project 4 - Legitimate online medical advice

Project 4 manages a Telemedicine platform that puts a stop to bad medical advice online; something all of us experienced and got a scare, right? This platform connects patients to doctors, allowing a secure exchange of documents, and provides a fantastic live chat option. We implemented a continuous delivery/integration process using Jenkins, developed new features and reduced technical debt on the project overall, left from the previous team. We also improved the app’s security, since it needed to be HIPPA compliant.

TECHNOLOGIES USED | Java / Spring / OpenTok (video sessions) / Jenkins / Angular / Bootstrap / AWS / PostgreSQL / WebRTC / Stripe Payments / iOS (Objective-C, Swift)

Project 5 - ePortal, the one-stop employee dashboard 

This is an internal project: a multitenant app that combines a number of necessary functions that HR and employees at every company need, such as gathering, storing and accessing employee data, managing vacations, teams and projects, booking conference rooms, performance management, reporting etc.

Great thing about the ePortal project is that anyone in the company can join in with a fresh idea. It is a great opportunity for those who like to experiment with new technologies and advance their skillset.

TECHNOLOGIES USED | ASP.NET WEB API / C# / Angular / Entity Framework / SQL Server / T-SQL / HTML5 & CSS3 / Material Design / Typescript / Javascript /


Project 6 - Healthcare powered by software 

An Atlanta based company partnered up with us for help and support on 3 of their projects in the health industry.

1/3 -  A platform that allows doctors and patients to schedule appointments and provides a safe place for a doctor/patient video call.
TECHNOLOGIES USED | Java / Spring / Angular

2/3 - A mobile app for documenting and managing the cardiopulmonary arrest, pediatric emergencies, and acute stroke data.

3/3 - An Instagram-like app where users can post the before and after medical procedure photos.
TECHNOLOGIES USED | Ruby on Rails / Angular

Project 7 - Smart videos

Project 7 includes a simple and elegant digital signage as a service that started as a CMS for gathering data. Initially, this data was used by the client’s team of designers for building video spots. Once the video had been created, it got pushed to various devices (displays around the world). In its second phase, the app evolved and now provides a way for the users to create and preview video spots in their browsers. Users can create and edit their own digital signs as well as schedule them to play on their players which give them a more effective way to communicate with the customers and employees.


Done, Convergant

Project 8 - Smart evidence management

This company provides background screening services for a variety of clients. These background checks can include: verifications (education/employment), criminal record checks, drug testing, motor vehicle record searches etc. Our team is creating a fingerprint API which is embedded within their microservices architecture.

TECHNOLOGIES USED | C#, ASP.NET Core, DynamoDB, AWS CloudFormation and NetBeans - Java - Cucumber for automated testing

Project 9 - War Childhood Museum (WCM)

After the War Childhood book was published in 2013, a museum followed, opening its doors in January 2017. This Museum is unique and first of its kind, as it offers an incredible insight into the horrors of War through the eyes of children. Since the opening, this institution made a very powerful impact with its strong anti-war message. We wanted to help them make an impact in every corner of the world by creating native iOS and Android apps. Working on this project was a true honor.

TECHNOLOGIES USED | .NET, Web API, iOS/Swift, Android/Java


Mistral has a substantial experience working for clients from the telecommunication, banking, healthcare, insurance, media, entertainment, retail, distribution, trade, education and automotive industry.

The variety of industries we have been operating in for the last 8 years or so, makes our team knowledge base very diverse and their confidence rightfully high. We are now very excited to take on blockchain, machine learning and more IoT projects! Actively upgrading our expertise in these fields became a part of our daily routine for a while now.  Which technology are you enthusiastic about?