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JAP is a high-quality learning program designed to accelerate your journey towards getting a job in the industry. The program helps upgrade your skills from entry-level to junior in less than a few months.

JAP is a high-quality learning program designed to accelerate your journey towards getting a job in the industry. The program helps upgrade your skills from entry-level to junior in less than a few months.

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What makes this program awesome

JAP is Mistral’s fully paid training made for talents who have the basic technical knowledge but lack the industry experience necessary to join project teams.

  • Full compensation
  • Dedicated senior mentor
  • Personalized curriculum
  • Individualized approach
  • Real work environment
  • Access to Mistral perks
  • Remote, live or hybrid
  • Employment opportunity

Ideal JAP Candidates

  • Technical university students or graduates (3rd, 4th, 5th year)
  • Entry-level engineers with not enough practical experience
  • Self-taught talents with no industry experience
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JAP Tracks

Mistral offers 3 different JAP tracks. No matter what track you’re aiming for, we expect you to already be familiar with the Software Development Life Cycle, Object-oriented Programming, Agile Methodologies (mainly Scrum and Kanban), and that you have a solid technical background.

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Duration: 2 months

On the Dev track, you will upgrade your skills in the following technologies:

  • .Net Core
  • Angular or React
  • SQL, Swagger
  • Git, Jira, Postman


Duration: 1 month

On the QA track you will gain the following testing and technical skills:

  • manual testing
  • test planning and test execution
  • test case and bug management
  • backend testing, SQL
  • automation testing (optional)

DevOps JAP

Duration: 3 months

On the DevOps track, you will acquire the following abilities:

  • practical skills (in AWS)
  • general DevOps engineering skills (troubleshooting, assessment, analytical thinking, problem solving, budgeting)
  • soft skills (communication, presentation)

JAP Concept

Each JAP track has the same flow and working principle. Here is what awaits you: 

How the program works

Personalized learning plan reveal

Upon passing the selection process and meeting your mentor, you receive a personalized learning plan that includes carefully selected tech courses that are best for you.


Guided study and mentor feedback

You then go through each course, one by one, and solve follow-up assignments given by the mentor. The mentor guides you every step of the way and gives you continuous feedback.


Bringing it all together

After completing all the courses, you receive a final assignment that carries the most weight in assessing your progress with a fair deadline. The mentor remains available here as well.


Safety net and support

In case you don’t meet the required level, the program can be extended by 1 extra month, giving you enough time to learn those few final details. Your success and confidence in your work are important to us.


The grand finale

At the end of your JAP journey, mentors assess your overall performance, taking everything in consideration. If you have completed the program successfully you will get a job offer from Mistral!


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Selection and Interview Process

JAP candidates go through the same selection process as other Mistral employees. This way, once you successfully complete the program, you have no additional interviews and procedures.

Please note that we’re not currently accepting JAP applications. Once we start a new cycle, we will communicate it publicly.

You applied.Now what?
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We review your application in detail and ask for additional info if necessary. We then send you feedback.

icon for HP Interview

HP Interview

If your background fits with JAP requirements and we have an open JAP spot, we schedule an introductory meeting.

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After meeting a member of our HP team and learning more about Mistral, you receive a task to complete.

icon for Technical Interview

Technical Interview

Upon task completion, you get to meet with the senior JAP mentor to talk about your task solution and prior experience.

icon for Offer


If everything went well, you receive the official JAP offer via email with all engagement details. This is the final step of the process.

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Welcome to JAP

After getting back to us with your decision, you receive your personalized JAP plan and so the journey begins!

JAP Alumni Reviews

During 2021 and 2022, we had 60+ candidates go through JAP. Now, they are an integral part of Mistral community. Here is what they say about their JAP experience.

alumni 3triangles What your future colleagues say
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Valida Bašić

QA Engineer @Mistral

The selection process was so pleasant and simple. You feel the positive, inviting atmosphere of Mistral right from the start. Everyone is so warm, trusting, and respectable. This inspired me to really give it my best to become a part of this crew. I was lucky to have two fantastic JAP mentors who were an absolute support both in transferring technical knowledge and the culture of Mistral. The knowledge was passed on to me in a simple way, so I learned very fast. I wouldn’t change a thing and I would recommend JAP to everyone!

samra img

Semra Čelik

QA Engineer @Mistral

The JAP selection process was straightforward. I was introduced to the company’s culture and values in the first interview, and then the technical interview and task brought me closer to what is expected from me in the program. It was a great experience! I had exceptional mentors, Dženan and Enes, who used every opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with me. The base for learning was well-organized and I was pleasantly surprised by how everyone is understanding and supportive. JAP was a fantastic introduction to my full-time engagement on the project that came afterward!

mirza img

Mirza Čeligija

Software Developer @Mistral

The program focuses on mastering the latest technologies and specific tools while adhering to best practices, which is quite different from what we did at university. I especially like the program’s flexibility as it allows you to work at your own pace and with the guidance of an expert mentor. After receiving the job offer, I gladly accepted as I consider Mistral to be one of the healthiest work environments.I am amazed by the company culture and the people here. I would highly recommend JAP to final year students or those who want to enhance their skills before starting work on a commercial project.

nadir img

Nadir Kalajdžić

Software Developer @Mistral

I really enjoyed the technical interview. The senior engineer didn’t just test my technical knowledge and review my projects, but he gave me valuable input and lessons. I learned so much even there. During JAP I had a phenomenal experience with my mentor. From day one he was determined to never let me take a wrong turn, gave me constant feedback, and guided me every step of the way. He taught me how to do things in a correct way following the best practices from the industry. That is exactly what I needed after faculty and before confidently starting the full-time job at Mistral.

mehmed img

Mehmed Ćatić

Software Developer @Mistral

JAP is perfect for people who need that extra step to be completely ready to engage in real projects. On JAP Dev, we followed a fully developed plan for full-stack developers divided into a couple of sections. After each section, there was a personalized task created according to real-life scenarios. The intensity and the learning curve are high, but if you give it your best you will gain amazing skills and progress quickly. It was, overall, an amazing experience. Career opportunities and the place for growth in Mistral are huge. I feel truly blessed to be given a chance to start my career in such an amazing company.

JAP Origin Story

The concept was originally introduced in 2021 as a pilot program by two of our QA architects, Ammar Kevilj and Enes Kühn. After they had to turn down many job applicants with great potential but limited practical experience, they came up with a way to turn things around and give such candidates an opportunity to get that missing piece: practical experience. That is how our first (QA) JAP came to be, and it was a major success! The Dev and DevOps JAP tracks were introduced soon after.

How and why we Introduced JAP?
How and why we Introduced JAP? Enes i Ammar image

JAP Logo Explained

A lot of thought went into creating the unique JAP logo. We didn’t want it to be dramatically different from Mistral’s, which is why we kept the outline style, but we needed it to tell a different story. A story of potential, drive, and success. Here is what the JAP logo hides within its lines:

The symbol of success
star symbol

Star Symbol

While in JAP, you are Mistral’s rising star. Everything you learned up to that moment is getting put into practice. Once you sharpen your skills, only the sky is the limit to what you can accomplish next.

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icon letters-j-a-p

Letters J, A and P

Although they look a little funky, the letters are there. The Junior Accelerator Program is something we’re very proud of, so the acronym of the official name had to be integrated. JAP ftw!

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icon success pose

Success Pose

Having a dedicated senior mentor who gives you daily guidance is a recipe for successful learning. Everything in JAP is set up in a way that enables your professional triumph. The success pose can easily be the JAP pose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, feel free to write to us directly via email jap@mistral.ba.

Additional information

Yes! The same rules apply as in Mistral. We are a hybrid workplace. You can attend JAP fully remotely. Only those living close to one of the Mistral hubs (Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka) can come to learn/work from the premises, but even that is optional. In case you’re not familiar with the term and concept of a “hybrid workplace”, check out this article where we explain everything about it.

Ugh, hardly. Although flexible, Mistral working hours are from 8:30 am until 5 pm with a 1-hour break. JAP mentors are mostly available during that time. It’s not unthinkable but dedicating as much time as possible to learning during JAP will mean a lot to your career down the road and will drastically raise the chances of you getting a Mistral job offer. A big plus is that you get paid for attending JAP, so we got you covered on that front!

At the end of the month for as many months, the JAP tack you chose lasts. If the mentor decides to prolong your JAP journey for 1 extra month, you will get paid for that as well. For example, if your JAP journey started on the 5th of this month, you will get paid on the 5th of the next month. Everything will be explained in the HP interview, in the offer you get, and in the JAP contract you sign prior to starting the program.

Individually. JAP is your personalized journey. However, if Mistral has 3 open spots for, let’s say, Dev JAP, then you will most likely share a mentor, so you will have a few group calls with the other 2 attendees. Your learning plan, work, assignments, and communication with the mentor are all personalized, and you don’t depend on anyone in the group. These group calls are organized only if the mentor finds they would be useful or necessary.

Thank you so much for showing interest in our program. We’re not currently accepting applications as we’re modifying the program. If you applied earlier, we have your resume in our database and will contact you if your qualifications fit our needs. Thank you for your patience, and good luck!

Contact form

If you have any additional questions regarding JAP, please let us know through our lovely contact form. The dedicated JAP team will answer them shortly.

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