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INTERA Hackathon


INTERA Hackathon


The last month of the year 2017 started out with a fantastic hackathon organized by the Technology Park INTERA. This weekend event provided a brilliant base for experience exchange, high-level brainstorming and meeting new people. The US Embassy in BiH recognized the importance of such an event and acted as a high sponsor. The competitive environment and a heavy workload resulted in the creation of many useful apps with a special focus on social responsibility.

The official name of the hackathon: ZAJEDNO POSTIŽEMO VIŠE

The participants, who came from all over the country specifically for this happening, formed 12 teams. Each team was assembled randomly and got a mentor via a lucky draw.  

Mistral mentor Harun, who has a vast experience in hackathon participation, enjoyed guiding a young economics student, a student from a faculty of forestry, and three green developers through the whole process. Developers made a functioning Android app and website for the first time in their lives, and others took care of the business side, logistics and visuals.


The idea behind the execution

- Mistral team was one of the few who hit the hackathon topic jackpot. We built a solution that would help all the elementary and high school pupils anonymously report any and all types of bullying and harassments that occur on the school grounds. This bold, simple and visually appealing app with a serious intent, got voted as third best hackathon solution and earned a bronze medal. To us, personally, it was pure gold.


We enjoyed taking part in INTERA hackathon and can't wait for the next challenge on the road!