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The next cycle is expected to start in 2021.

Due to the situation caused by the pandemic, we’ve decided to postpone the next cycle to 2021. We’re preparing unbelievably cool things for the cycle 7! Stay tunned

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Program details

The school requires your full focus, with a working time from 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, 4 months. All lessons are taught using real-life examples, and everything learned gets directly applied and tested.

Through a simulated project, you will learn about the software development cycle for 1 month, and then dedicate the remaining 3 months to specializing the track you chose: backend, frontend, or quality assurance.


In the first month all 20 candidates will learn about the development lifecycle starting with MongoDB, Node and Express, followed by the fundamentals
of React, UI/UX, and accompanied by the software testing basics. From there, the schedule will depend on which track you choose.

When it comes to learning DevOps, Agile principles, and practicing the English language and communication skills, we got you covered. Literally.
These modules cover your entire schedule from day 1 to day 112.

Backend track

MongoDB (Data modeling, Database design, Database references), Node / Express (Repository pattern, Unit of work, Create Identity server, Secure project, Authentication, Authorization / middlewares, OAuth2 implementation, CRUD operations for all documents)

Frontend track

React (functional and class components, custom validation, conditional rendering, styling, use of event handlers and component state, stopping memory leaks, slack bot, email notifications), UI/UX (mockups, wireframes, adaptive design, html, css), React Native

QA Track

Manual API testing, Automated API testing, Basic Approach to Test Automation, GUI Testing, First script that follows 3A principle – Arrangement / Action / Assertion, Mobile Emulation – Automation Test Android, Load & Performance Testing


Mistral community is assembled of handpicked professionals who take the quest of sharing experience very seriously. This program is the only one in the country having 4 full time dedicated mentors and over 10 senior guest mentors. They will time to teach you, guide you, and help put your skills into practice.


Head of Education


Frontend and Mobile Instructor


Agile and QA Instructor


Backend and DevOps Instructor


English Coach


DevOps Engineer


Project Manager


Software Developer


UI/UX Designer

Acceptance criteria

Only successful candidates will be invited to attend a recruitment day in Mistral, so please take time with your application. In order to be considered, we expect you to have a solid knowledge of OOP, a positive attitude to learning and overcoming obstacles, a great analytical mind, and possess the ability to work well in a team. These skills will be tested.


Numbers don’t lie, that’s why we love them. Having 100% of our candidates happily employed makes us extremely proud (Mistral 56%, other IT companies 44%). Since anyone with a strong desire to contribute to the IT landscape can apply, we had people with different backgrounds and ages attend. Here are some the Gigi graduate’s experiences:

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Mistral testimonial avatar
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Mistral testimonial avatar
Esmeralda Holjan


“It was the last semester of my studies when I’ve discovered my passion for coding through my master thesis. Lucky for me, Mistral recognized my ambition and passion towards the world of code and accepted me as one of the candidates. It’s only when the Gigi program started that I discovered the world of algorithms – I was back in school again! The best one in my life. It provided a complete insight into the full cycle development through practical cases and assignments. In only 3 months I was confident and ready to create tangible software solutions.”

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Anur Bećirović


“After faculty, the first thing that comes to your mind is “I need to find a job”. I wanted a real project and a real team. Gigi School of Coding offered exactly that. The boot camp covered every bit of the software development process, from the basics like standups meetings (Agile methodology) to UX/UI flows and QA tests! Gaining working habits during the GSOC was also a big plus for me. Gigi School of Coding made a big difference in my life and I recommend it to anyone who wants a career in the dynamic world of IT.”

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Merseda Spahić


“Gigi School of Coding has improved my knowledge of C# and SQL among other things, and gave me a chance to experience the real IT dynamic atmosphere everyone is buzzing about! During the boot camp, Gigi interns (now my dear friends and colleagues) were separated into teams of 3 or 4. Every two weeks we had to present our work (demo). All the projects at Gigi School of Coding were a real deal, so switching to a real Mistral project afterward was pretty easy. If you’re ready to show what you’re made of and shine, I suggest you apply and begin an advanced chapter of your life.”

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Ilija Šamarlić


“GSOC will let you see and experience the whole development process and give you an awesome team to do it with. Some of the things you’ll learn involve the laying down of the sound and firm grounds to build your software product (application) on, using different programming paradigms, proven practices, various tools, and frameworks. You’ll be exposed to concepts of the agile mindset, something, once embraced, will help you add value to your coding endeavors. Learning to code takes A LOT of time and effort, so if you are ready to be ALL in, I suggest you try your odds and apply.”

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Rasim Šabanović


“For me, Gigi School of Coding was the best opportunity to kick start my IT career. During these 4 months, I continuously learned about every part of the software development lifecycle. Our main focus was the MERN stack, but we also learned the basics of QA, DevOps, Project management and UI/UX, amongst other things. This broadness of the curriculum definitely helped me reaffirm my desires about the future of my career. If you’re looking for a program to fire-up your career, but also a place to enjoy yourself and learn from industry-experienced mentors, I encourage you to apply ASAP.”

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Belma Muftić


“Gigi School of Coding is the most complete and advanced program I stumbled upon during my research quest for internships. What made me particularly happy about it was Mistral’s acceptance criteria. They handpicked candidates who enjoy exploring, learning and problem-solving. This program helped me connect the dots of the software development cycle and link all its parts together, preparing me, and other candidates, for the real future projects. The manner of teaching in Gigi School of Coding broke the traditional pattern of a teacher-student way of transferring knowledge. The peer-to-peer approach they used was fantastically effective.”

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  • When does the next cycle of Gigi School of Coding start?

    We are glad you are interested! The starting date of the 7-th cycle of Gigi School of Coding is still not determined. We will publish an update about it as soon as we have it.

  • Gigi School of Coding duration; is it a full-time engagement?

    Yes. 8 hours a day, 4 months straight (weekends excluded). We promise you will be sad when it comes to an end.

    Note: The only thing more important than being knowledgeable and experienced is having a strong work ethic and work habits. Our program will definitely enhance these qualities. Besides, getting good at anything requires long hours. But you already know that, right?

  • Do I have to pay a fee if accepted?

    No. If you qualify and get selected, you officially become a part of the Gigi crew. You are free to help yourself to cookies, fresh fruit and beverages daily. Additionally, you will be able to use Mistral’s game room (xbox, playstation, table soccer etc.) and will be invited to take part in all internal Mistral activities. However, if you drop out at any point before the official end, you are required to pay a penalty fee.

  • When can I apply for Gigi School of Coding?

    As soon as we announce the date of the new cycle and enable the application section right here in the Gigi School of Coding tab.

  • Do I get allowance while attending the school?

    While at Gigi School of Coding, you practice on “mock” projects designed specially to widen your skill-base. They mimic actual projects to prepare you for the real deal, but Mistral has no benefits from the work you do during your internship. So no, you don’t get any allowance money, but yes, you do get an extraordinary experience, free hot beverages, fresh fruit, cookies, access to the game room, participation in all internal Mistral activities etc. Most importantly, you get the best hands-on work experience and knowledge which will give you an excellent insight into the IT industry.

  • Do we get to mingle with the rest of the employees in Mistral and attend company events?

    Yes and yes. Every single day, every single event. We love to hang out with the Gigi squad and share jokes and smarts!

  • Can we use the game room and kitchen / Mistral Social Zone?

    Absolutely. You can use them anytime, 24/7.

  • Is Gigi School of Coding only for developers?

    Not really. If you are aspiring to be a quality assurance engineer or want a career in DevOps, or even Data Science – our internship program is the right pick for you!

  • Is the entrance test the same for everyone?

    Yes. Everyone will be required to solve similar tasks. The tasks aim to check fundamental technical knowledge, and your ability to learn new things and apply them to solve certain problems. The tests help us determine your logical and analytical thinking skills which we believe are essential for a career in IT.

  • I am looking for career change, but do not have an IT background, can I apply?

    Sure, we have had students or professionals who were self-taught and who ended up getting a job. If you have a good analytical way of thinking and show that you have already taken steps to develop your software development skills, you are welcome to apply. However, please remember: Gigi School of Coding is not for absolute beginners.

  • How many people get accepted?

    Everyone is welcome to apply, but we accept up to 20 people.

  • How do I apply for an internship position?

    During the application period, you are required to submit your CV and Cover through a designated form on our website by clicking the “APPLY NOW” button that will be on top of this page.

  • What language are the classes in?

    Most classes will be in Bosnian, and some in English. You will have an English language coach to help you along.

  • What can I expect after applying?

    Candidates who made it through the first selection part will be invited for an interview and technical test.

    Note: Since all our correspondence is in English, this interview/ test will also be in English.

  • How can I coordinate Gigi School of Coding with my university lectures or exams?

    We support your formal education. Because of that, our candidates are able to attend their exams but need to notify the Gigi mentors in advance. As far as university lectures are concerned, if you have a full schedule, it is wiser to wait for the next round of Gigi School of Coding.

  • When will the test/ interview take place?

    The test and interview will take place at least two weeks before the start of Gigi School of Coding.

  • What are the main criteria for evaluating candidates?

    Technical skills (technical test and technical interview); English skills (interview) and Interpersonal skills (interview).

  • Do we have to bring our own laptops while attending the Gigi program?

    No. Mistral will provide you with all the necessary equipment for the entire course (laptop, mouse, notebooks, pens etc.)

  • Who are the teachers / mentors of the program?

    Head of Education – Sulejman Ćatibušić
    Backend track lead Instructor – Samir Arapčić
    Frontend track lead instructor – Amra šabić
    Quality assurance track lead Instructor – Milica Vujadinović

    Communication and English mentor – Mila Gračanin
    Agile management mentors – Milica Vijadinović and Aldin Selimović
    UX/UI designer mentor – Benjamin Delić
    Experienced software developer mentors – Irhad Babić, Anur Bećirović
    DevOps mentor – Srđan Milovanović

    And many others.

  • What are the minimal requirements for applying?

    Besides fluency in English, candidates are expected to know the principles of Object-Oriented Programming and Software Development Process. Candidates should also have the basic knowledge about database design, and of course, experience with HTML, CSS and JS is more than welcome. Besides that, the more you know – the better.