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Gigi School of Coding Graduation


Gigi School of Coding Graduation

Time flies. Gigi School of Coding students are now graduates with the ability to develop complete and fully functional apps. With their current knowledge about the entire development process, enhanced work ethics and the fired up ambition, they are ready for what awaits them in the IT world.

Their entire 3-months worth of work was presented to everyone at Mistral during the final Demo. Here is how it went:

News 1

There were 5 teams, each counting 4 members. Everyone had the same requirements for the app they were building called "Time Tracker", yet each group managed to customize it and create something unique. 

News 3_1

The team members presented the app functionalities in a 'sales pitch style' so it was extremely fun to listen.


Many questions asked by the audience were met with interesting and witty answers and the graduates had the chance to receive direct feedback and useful advice from Mistral's crew. 

News 4

Our Head of Education, creator of the school, and mentor to all graduates - Gigi, listened carefully and proudly to every single word spoken during that demo. As soon as the teams were done, Gigi happily handed them the certificated for successful completion of the program. 




We were all pleased to see that every single one of the students managed to endure the challenging program and earn their green ticket to a very promising future. 


Our CEO congratulated them and stated that we will be welcoming some of them as our fresh juniors after they go through Mistral’s selection process soon.


What made the ceremony even sweeter was a wonderful surprise by the students when they called out all the mentors and gave them 'thank you' presents. 


In the end, there was a lot of talking, giggling and reminiscing about the time spent together, but also, there was some intense posing done behind the scenes. Of course. Something like:

News14 posing

Thank you, everyone, for all the smiles, stories, and coffees shared and memories created. Having you with us was a blast! 

Gigi School of Coding was realized in cooperation with the Employment Service of Canton Sarajevo, and with the support of International Labor Organization (ILO).

Mistral is one of the seven partners of the Project "New Employment Strategy at the Local Level", where the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo is the lead applicant and the other partners are: JU Employment Service of Canton Sarajevo, JU Central Electrotechnical School Sarajevo, company Cebos d.o.o. Sarajevo, Herbal Spa d.o.o. Sarajevo, Centrotrans- Eurolines d.d. Sarajevo and NGOs- Center for Social Entrepreneurship Development.