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Gigi School of Coding: Must Know


Gigi School of Coding: Must Know

There are 2 things you should definitely know about Mistral’s internal program Gigi School of Coding:

1. Undergoing this 3-month course is the only way to become a Junior at Mistral. 60% of students are now our colleagues, while the rest are happily employed in other successful IT companies.

2. Gigi School of Coding curriculum is up-to-date, comprehensive and diverse. It fully prepares you to become the best teammate and a professional who understands ins and outs of the software development process to the level at which you can start making the web - seriously better.


The curriculum includes:

  • Design patterns and best practices
  • Database design and Entity Framework
  • ASP.Net Web API – everything about Back-End
  • System security principles
  • Building and using Identity Server
  • Communication with other identity providers like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Creation of powerful web pages with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Principles of creating responsive web pages
  • Deep secrets of AngularJS and Angular
  • The ways of QA: how to test the work and how to demolish bugs
  • Avoiding the sentence “it works on my laptop” by applying Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Managing big projects using Agile
  • Effective search, research and prioritization
  • Presentation skills
  • English and Communication skills

But most of all, this course teaches you work ethics and healthy work habits. It navigates you toward becoming the best professional version of yourself. It introduces you to a community that grows close to your heart and motivates you beyond your wildest dreams.

Gigi School of Coding gives you a valuable 360° experience we guarantee you will never forget.