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FIT Coding Challenge 2018


FIT Coding Challenge 2018

Faculty of Information Technology of Mostar organized another fantastic Coding Challenge that gathered students and industry leaders from all over the country. This event became a well-known tradition when it comes to programming, innovation and quality networking!


FIT CC is a great opportunity for students to both sharpen and show off their skills, develop competitive while nurturing team spirit. The competition also provides a platform for students to show how they can work well under pressure and on a non-school related project.


Armin Šarak, from this year’s winning team, said it was an honor to compete in CC where he formed a team with his younger brother. Armin and Emin Šarak won the first prize in the programming category where the competition was airtight with 29 teams of 58 young programmers. Round of applause for them! This ought to keep them motivated and willing to keep learning.


For the first time in CC history, the audience was able to vote for their favorite presentation in game creation competition category! This part was very amusing and inspiring. Out of 6 games presented, both jury and the audience agreed that Edvin Halilović deserved the first place with his Stern Catcher.

FIT Monograph

This year’s event was a ‘special edition’ and School of Information Technology Mostar (FIT) premiered their 20-year Monograph to celebrate their success and share their story with everyone. We are very happy to find some paragraphs written by their former student, current University partner, a friend, and our CEO in the Monograph.


We dare say there is a special bond between Mistral and FIT, and not only because some of our best Gigi School of Coding students and employees studied there, but because we share very similar values, have a great sense of humor and love to geek strong!


Here is a table showing the TOP contestants per category:


Congratulations to all!