An awarded employer and a proud ally to many Fortune 500 clients.

Short background

Mistral is a result of a genuine effort of two very unconventional partners who share strong feelings about the local community and everything digital. After a fair share of working around the globe, they’ve noticed how software development in other companies is mostly done externally and across time zones. Even then, finding the right talent was hard.

Aware that BiH professionals have a technically curious mind, stellar work ethic, and a strong aesthetic sense, Mistral founder decided to open our first development office in 2010 in Sarajevo. This move gave many local tech professionals a chance to act globally from their home country. Opening of the Mostar development hub followed in 2019.

Most comfortable and modern office in the country.

Big team of carefully selected software experts.

Customized programs for professional growth.

Fantastic benefits and community

Our Alpha and Omega

Mistral is not for everyone. We put a lot of effort into carefully choosing clients who share the same philosophical values about how software is built the right way, and even more effort into choosing the right members of our team. There are very specific values and communication practices we live by that determine Mistral’s entire culture. All our business and hiring decisions are made with these values in mind:

No matter how big we get, the feeling of familiarity, friendliness, and comfort remains present for a very simple reason; we value individuals over anything else.
Our value People First is about taking care of our people in a holistic manner. We are committed to developing and providing well-tailored programs that support the happiness and growth of our crew during, as well as outside of the working hours. Here are the key aspect behind placing our people first:

Community Well Being

The physical and mental health of our employees comes before anything else. We provide a free yearly general health check-up for our community. Acknowledging mental health as essential to our general well-being is also part of this equation. Due to that, all our employees have an in-house psychologist at their disposal. As many appointments as needed.

The Balance of Needs

In Mistral, we don’t have the third night shift or projects that require 24/7 support and alertness. Our working hours are flexible and we are a full hybrid workplace. The initial purpose of our company remains to enable our people to be healthy, content, and have the optimal environment for growth. Efficiency, productivity, and quality always follow.

Star Track

We highly encourage our people to speak up when they see that their colleague(s) are doing their jobs in an exceptional manner. HP Hotline is a channel addressed to our Human Potential team and serves to send a praising message for a colleague or a team. We publicly display these messages on our MS Teams for everyone in the company to see via the Star Track channel.

Continuous education is a cornerstone of Mistral’s growth. It’s simple – evolving into a better version of ourselves brings benefits to the entire team in every possible way. We see our work as our legacy, so we keep striving towards higher quality in all instances.

We do this in multiple ways; by creating and implementing personalized, strategic development plans, by investing time into taking new courses, seminars, educational sessions, by having in-house practice groups, pursuing new certifications, and by exchanging expertise with an external audience.

Personalized Plan

Each of us in Mistral has a personalized development tool called Professional Development Plan (PDP). This tool enables all individuals to contribute to their job design, to voice their expectations, deliverables, and future endeavors. PDP’s track our performance and development goals.

Going the Extra Mile

Seeking further knowledge through Practice Groups, mentorships, conferences, and online training is highly encouraged. We also provide a personal in-house coach for English language and soft skills development, access to online educational platforms, and an internal library.

House of Knowledge

We are very keen on sharing in-house expertise with the global IT community through our open-to-public sessions and workshops. They help us meet fantastic people from the industry, and strengthen our external community.

Feeling at peace is the best feeling in the world. Trust and safety play key roles in achieving that business zen, same as knowing there are no hidden agendas, and at Mistral – there are none. Here, you are fully safe to be your truest self (a jokester, weird, goofy, geeky, or strange in any way, daring, bold, curious, perfectionist). You are also strongly encouraged to call out when you see something wrong, to initiate dialogue, to suggest solutions, in no fear of repercussions. Where there is no openness there is no growth, and we want to continuously grow and upgrade. This is a company that stands beside you in any situation, especially in times of trouble.

Management Transparency

All members of our management teams are genuinely transparent and approachable. Any answer that you might need is just one ping away. There is also a designated virtual channel on our MS Teams for questions that are addressed to our founders. No question is ever left unanswered. And that’s a fact.

Company Surveys

We conduct company surveys regularly. This is a common way of checking our overall vibe, reflecting on culture and engagement, growth, and communication with our management team. The survey results are open to our community to see. All interested parties are welcome to work on the new initiatives that arise from the surveys.

Suggestion Box

Both in digital and physical form, Suggestion Box is a great tool used when someone has a great suggestion. Even though the majority of the issues raised in the company are not anonymous – we like to provide that option as well. Its purpose is to give us a way to express our feedback on any matter – or raise an issue anonymously.

This is a company that stands beside you in any situation. Especially in times of trouble.

People First

Culture of Trust

Passion for Growth

Our offices

Every time you open an office in a new city it’s like you’re opening a new company from scratch, no matter how strong a brand you are. What makes a big difference for us is our highly developed culture of trust and a healthy communication streamline that helps set the grounds right under any circumstances. Two of the offices are business-oriented and led by our parent company Maestral, while the local Mistral offices are 100% pure dev power.

Product dev.

Sarajevo, BiH

Product dev.

Mostar, BiH


Work environment standards are very high at Mistral. Our development offices include multiple soundproof conference rooms, media zone, social zone, game room, quick-chat rooms, booths for private phone calls, kitchens, prayer room, and a specially designated space for our teaching programs like Gigi School of Coding. All our spaces meet accessibility standards for persons with disabilities.

Art comes in all forms. Some is painted with colors, some is made out of code. Its purpose remains the same though; to enrich users’ lives. From the very beginning, Mistral cooperated with local designers and painters to help decorate our walls with inspiring art. Our crew gets to enjoy the “live gallery” vibe, while artists get support. This took a whole new meaning when we introduced the “Artwall” project. We’ve opened our walls to any artist willing to showcase their work.

Did you know that Van Gogh sold only one painting during his lifetime and was considered a failure? Much of Kafka’s writing was unpublished until his friend Max Brod draw attention to it. There’s often a huge gap between an artist’s talent and recognition. Our Artwall initiative aims to minimize that gap. If you know of an artist who would benefit from our project, send them our way. Be someone’s Max Brod. Here are some examples of our current office art:

Local partners and friends

Nobody successful came to be that way alone. Our wide network of partners and friends help us on many levels; to get the most relevant information,
take part in important conversations, meet the most interesting young talents, get the best goodies and services for our crew,
and ultimately – create moments that count and beneficial friendships that last.

Bit Alliance

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BEST Mostar

Pro-Fit Health. Strength and Conditioning

Spazio Gourmet


A&S Adria

City Gym

BH Futures Foundation

SOS Dječija sela BiH

Fit for Fun

403 Architecture + Interior Design


Mozaik Foundation


Atrijum Clinic

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