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  • DEV (Software developer) 53,06%
  • QA (Quality assurance engineer) 16,33%
  • PM/PO (Product manager / Product owner) 8,16%
  • UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience designer) 7,14%
  • IT (System and network engineer) 5,08%
  • BI (Business intelligence engineer) 5,03%
  • OTHER 5,20 %

Work with extraordinary people.

Feel the power of teams and creativity of individuals. Learn and discover something new every day. Come to work because you want to! Mistral’s goal is to provide wizardry for the clients and a magical work experience for Mistralovci.

Gigi School of Coding


Once a year, Mistral opens its doors to up to 15 talented software development enthusiasts. Our Head of Education Sulejman Ćatibušić "Gigi", together with the team of Mistral’s experts, mentors them for 4 months, 8 hours a day.

Hands-on projects, new technologies, real case scenarios and much more await those of you who are ready to get to the next level! At the end, everyone will get a chance of an interview to show what they have learned, and can even land a job at Mistral

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