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A Success Story Of An Olympian


A Success Story Of An Olympian

Meet Melika Lošić.


One day, this incredible young woman walked in our office and told us about her many achievements and medals from the fields of science, tech, literature, general knowledge, and debate.

Her next step and big dream was to participate in Mostratec, the biggest science and technology fair in South America - but she was struggling with the funding.

Impressed by her story and proactiveness, our team managed to find a creative way to help:

Since we hold a company brunch once a month (time when we share company news and eat together), we decided to have a brunch with a difference.

The idea was to donate the full amount we usually spend on food (we're 130 people), while we would each bring a homemade meal to share. 

Plus we got to judge each other's cooking skills. Soon after sharing that idea, the whole team was on board, and the next thing, Melika was on her way to Brazil! 


There were over 1700 participants, 650 projects and 250 junior projects ranging from mechanical engineering to biochemistry projects at this year’s Mostratec.

We were over the Moon to hear that Melika, not only managed to take part in the competition, but she also brought home the SILVER MEDAL!

What’s even more impressive is that the projects that competed had teams of students working on a solution, whereas our Melika had a solo project about: “The application of active and passive infrared thermography for detection of imperfections and damages in pipes”.

By supporting and telling stories of incredible talents such as Melika, we wish to encourage young people to fall in love with science and pursue their goals with passion and determination.

Melika, thank you for showing that "Impossible is nothing more than a state of mind".