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#9 JS Sarajevo Meetup


#9 JS Sarajevo Meetup

Is it because of the foreign speakers, the nature of the topics, or just a coincidence? We are not sure, but the #9 JS Meetup was by far the most attended one so far! We had over 70 JS enthusiasts in-house.

The general vibe during the entire Meetup was very positive. The home-like atmosphere made it so even the most awkward introverts among us relaxed, enjoyed and mingled around!

Luis and Konstantin, our guests from STRV Czech, and Amer from Glider Technology really know their stuff. They kept their presentations interesting and to the point, so the audience’s focus was in check.

Amer Zavlan presented first. He demonstrated a practical example of how to read and decode radio signals with JS, and engaged the audience with a game where we got to use our everyday wireless devices as remote inputs to play.

Luis Felipe Roman’s presentation followed. He explained how relying on a static analysis tool like Flow to keep an eye on our code will not only help us avoid creating bugs, but it will also make us look smarter. He then spoke about types in a react app in depth.

Konstantin Lebedev sealed the deal with his talk where he pointed out that Redux has taken a strong lead, with a huge community behind it and great documentation and then introduced Rematch, a state management library that strives to push Redux to the next level.

Meetups are our favorite way of strengthening the dev community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are excellent for sharing experiences, creating new contacts and hearing the latest jokes.

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