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#8 JS Sarajevo Meetup Recap


#8 JS Sarajevo Meetup Recap


This Saturday, Mistral was the ultimate meeting place for JavaScript developers, front-end enthusiasts, and back-end hackers. The original architects of the JS event that we hosted are Vladimir Grubor and Adnan Rahic who ensured that everything ran smoothly. The topics prepared were received with great attention and provoked several discussions.

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Mirza Pašić opened up the stage talking about the State Management with Vuex, and then Adnan Rahić took over with the love story between Serverless and node.JS.

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Music, free stuff, gifts, snacks, and drinks were in check, and everybody enjoyed playing "the lucky draw" game at the end of the lectures. A few attendees received valuable prizes! 

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Meetups are our focus this year, so more is yet to come! Feel free to contact us if you want to co-organise or share your experience on some of our future events. The next one will be an AWS meetup. More details soon to be revealed through our official channels!