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Areas in focus

We are a Product Development as a Service company. Our focus is sharply set on creating highly personalized solutions. Here are the four crown areas that we have the greatest interest in:

of Things

Knowing how to create solutions that can effectively monitor, manage, and control connected devices is one thing. Making them in a way they later turn all the generated data into powerful business insights is another. Building next-level IoT solutions is our forte.


Improving, accelerating, and utilizing operations to max potential is at the heart of every digital transformation. This process of digital reinvention requires a lot of creativity, problem-solving, and business savvy, making it easily one of our favorite challenges.


and Banking

Financial service providers’ digital journey includes significant updates to their enterprise architecture. Our experience in payments processing and modernizing legacy core systems by constructing scalable, efficient integrations with next-gen platforms allows us to face these challenges head on.


Healthcare organizations are forced to continually upgrade their digital services to match patients’ expectations. Creating a clean yet powerful UX design that ensures a fully personalized experience is essential here. We have a track record of developing HIPAA-compliant software that enables healthcare professionals to do their job efficiently.

Core business

Every day our teams help businesses get ahead with a wide range of practices we specialize in.

Product Development

Proven experience in the field and mature, low-risk processes help us build bulletproof MVPs, next-generation solutions and feature upgrades for existing platforms.

Client Applications

The team enjoys building smooth, secure and reliable client applications that are the front-line interface of software platforms and that easily interact with multiple backend systems and APIs.

Business Insights Through Data

From classifying data to building predictive models, we’re skilled at leveraging machine learning, business analytics, and big data to achieve a client’s data-related objectives.

Cloud Services

Cloud solutions development solves several critical server issues like scalability and high load. Our team helps companies build software infrastructures and process big data in the cloud.

Business Solutions

Our specialized teams work to help clients best configure and customize their existing software solutions while offering fantastic headless services and API integrations.

API Integrations

We have deep knowledge in delivering smooth API Integration solutions. Connect existing systems with third-party applications and tools is a demand that we love to meet.

Startup Enablement

Grow your market position with the help of our startup enablement experts as they lead you through the idea stage into a full-fledged concept you can present to potential investors.

AI Solutions

Our specialized AI engineers provide tailored support to help you create and launch your AI products. By driving the complete software development cycle, we’ll work with you to maximize your product’s potential.


What people in BiH say about Mistral, an HTEC Group Company

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Matthew Field

Former British Ambassador to BiH

“As the British Ambassador, I have regular contact with the Mistral team and have always been impressed with their dedication, creativity, and vision. It is essential for Bosnia and Herzegovina that positive voices like theirs are listened to and that they can continue to play a growing role in transforming the country and creating opportunities for its people.”

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Ron Mitchell

CEO, Virgil Holdings Inc.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without Mistral.”

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Jasmin Azemović

Chief Information and Security Officer, Mistral

“As a professor and dean of FIT, Mostar, I have contributed to the education of many generations of students who today form the foundation of the entire BiH IT sector. One of the greatest examples of a clear vision of development is Mistral, a company I have been collaborating with for almost 10 years. Fascinated by the way of work and the culture within the firm, I decided to complement my career with the corporate world and work alongside those whom I taught new skills until yesterday. It’s a great new experience.”

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Admir Greljo

Theoretical physicist and Research Fellow, CERN

“I had an opportunity to chat with this amazing IT crowd about the fundamental building blocks of Nature and the very first minute of the Universe. I was amazed by their comprehension of the topic which is far away from their primary expertise. Surely, a team with such passion, knowledge, and interests is capable to efficiently solve any software problems.”

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Melina Kamerić

PR & Comms, Al Jazeera Balkans

“Mistral feels like coming home. As a producer, I included the story of Mistral in the Al Jazeera documentary series Tada&Sada. After that first encounter with the Mistral team, I had the pleasure of attending several events they organized, such as a Viber team presentation and meetups, and I even took my nephew Joel who is 9 to a game night. He plans on working for Mistral when he grows up! It definitely feels like going home every time I work with or visit Mistral!”

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Enis Čišić

Visual Artist

“The Mistral Team is visibly driven by great passion and motivation, as well as endless effort to achieve outstanding results within any timeline for any given task. I recently had an opportunity to meet these young people, and they truly inspired me with their amazing energy, which is crucial to an artist like myself.”

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Emir Adžović

Private Sector Analyst, UNDP

“The SDG Business Pioneers Award in BiH puts a spotlight on companies that provide decent jobs and preserve the environment. Being one of the frontrunners in the elimination of single-use plastic in their offices while providing a helping hand to small businesses to survive the hard times, and at the same time managing to repeatedly expand its team, Mistral actively demonstrates the value of sustainable development in practice. This is why Mistral matters!”

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Edin Bećarević

Technical Secretary, Association “Education Builds BiH”

“It’s been a pleasure to cooperate with Mistral for many years now. By supporting our projects, they’ve shown great dedication to investing in youth education. I believe that strong-willed people with high awareness of the community around them, like the Mistral team, are the ones who change our society for the better.”

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Mirza Teletović

Professional Basketball Player

“I’ve been a guest in Mistral on multiple occasions and have many people I call friends working there. The pride they take in their work and the major respect they have for each other is rare to see nowadays. I would dive into any project with them without thinking twice.”

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Tatjana Vučić

Executive Director, Bit Alliance

“As a world traveler and Ivy League graduate, I can easily say that Mistral is like one of those Harvard Business School Case Study companies with a unique soul and exemplary corporate culture that many dream of having. To be completely honest, I almost cried like a little girl at one of their events when I realized that the bonds inside Mistral resemble the strongest family bonds. There’s no money which can buy that feeling of pure happiness and sense of belonging. Such an inspiration!”

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Opportunities at Mistral



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We are a Hybrid Workplace, with amazing offices design for maximum focus and comfort. Coming to the office is totally optional though, and many of our members prefer the flexibility of being fully remote!

With 21 development centers in 7 countries, there are plenty of opportunities to work in some of the region’s most beautiful locations.

All employees receive special Loyalty Cards which they can use to unlock amazing discounts in many shops, restaurants, cafes, salons, and clinics that are our business partners across BiH.

Following a great interview process, each employee receives an awesome, unique, and detailed onboarding plan to ensure they start off on the right foot. Plus, on your first day you receive an onboarding pack full of surprises!

Our Emir Zec Scholarship was created in honor of a dear late colleague. Remembering and upholding Emir’s values and passion for learning through helping others is a big thing at HTEC.

Parenthood and career go hand in hand at HTEC, which is why alongside a fully paid 12-month maternity leave, new fathers have the option to take a 10-day paternity leave to spend time with their precious newborns.

As part of HTEC, our engineers have access to a portfolio of over 130 active projects, utilizing technologies such as embedded, hardware, robotics, and more.

We’re proud to have within our team a physicist, a bioinformatics scientist, several professors in various fields, and even a surgeon, lending their specialized expertise to some of our most innovative projects.

HTEC stands by its people in times good and bad. For those moments when misfortune strikes, we provide a solidarity allowance to support our people at their time of need.

Upon becoming part of HTEC, we became the largest software engineering company in BiH, with close to 600 employees.

If you receive legitimate praise from a colleague or a client, it will be broadcasted for everyone to see on Star Track, one of our dedicated Teams channels.

Our leadership has built itself around from humble beginnings to a people-first culture firmly rooted in trust, autonomy, empathy, and mutual respect.

All PhD recipients receive one extra day of annual leave. It’s our way of showing appreciation for your dedication to lifelong learning!

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