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UX/UI Meetup with inVision


UX/UI Meetup with inVision

It was high time to start talking about design! Why? 
Why is UX/UI design that important in product development?

It is not actually just important, it is vital; because design is every touchpoint a customer has with your service. It can make or break you. Companies understand that if they can create an amazing user experience, it is going to boost their business. In great software development companies UX/UI designers are consulted from the conception phase of any product. They are the ones responsible for the look and feel of a product after all. Designers are the ones who form and sway user opinion.

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The main goal of our UX/UI Meetup is to spark off a discussion about product and UX/UI design in BiH, exchange views, and introduce participants to the latest design industry trends. Mistral is honoured to be the first to host the screening of a documentary Design Disruptors in Sarajevo, addressing the ever- growing, fast evolution of design. Disruption is one of the main themes in the film.

What is disruption? When you interrupt the prevailing setup, when you literally uproot and change how people think, behave, do business, learn and go about their everyday life, well, you are being disruptive. Disruptive companies basically choose not to play by the rules of a particular industry.

Unlike its name, being disruptive in the context of product development is positive and highly desirable, for disruptors themselves as well as the users. Disruption is normal, it happens in nature. It is those who navigate around it or navigate through it that can do great things. And some make it really big, and create new industry standards. Beware though, great is still hard to come by!

The panel discussion after the screening aims to put the concepts from the film into the reality of design work in BiH. Our panelists come from different backgrounds which is bound to make our event edgy and informative.The panel discussion after the screening aims to put the concepts from the film into the reality of design work in BiH.


Design is finally gaining its rightful place in conversations about technology. The awesome code without awesome design will simply not cut it in the world today.