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The Pursuit of Excellence


The Pursuit of Excellence

In our endeavor to take the core values drive CHANGE & achieve EXCELLENCE, pursue KNOWLEDGE & SHARE IT and professional development to the next level, our organizational structure is strengthened by a TECHNICAL ADVISORY BOARD (TAB); PRACTICE GROUPS AND SUBGROUPS.

Technical Advisory Board consists of practice group leads with a purpose to foster our company culture by promoting teamwork and continuous education. The board also takes on the role of a go-to point of contact for both the management and employees.

Practice groups are self-organized and intrinsically motivated groups of people, separated in their particular area of expertise or interest. The main responsibilities vary from defining and documenting workflows and procedures and planning short and long-term goals to designing and delivering Continuous Professional Development (CPD) schemes.

The groups are divided into Development, Product management, Quality assurance, UX/UI design, IT operations and Human potential respectively. 



Within the TAB, we have organized subgroups with specific focus and roadmaps per domain and tech stack. Subgroups work on gathering and promoting best practices for all teams and projects within the company.

All the groups have Trello (or GitLab) boards, regular (monthly) meetings with occasional education sessions (predefined in roadmap), work and experiment on Mistral’s Intranet project and help Mistral’s Software Architects with prospects estimation, initial backlog proposals, and tech stack selection.

They also promote and encourage code excellence through code reviews and explore, analyze, select and keep record of the most fitting new technologies that would ensure building the company tech pipeline.

Development is where Mistral started and naturally has most experts in, and is the widest area to explore, so our development is divided into Data, Frontend, Open Source and Mobile subgroups.


What’s good to know is that anyone can create a subgroup depending on need or interest! 

So, what is each subgroup about?


Group lead is our Senior Business Intelligence Developer Muaz aka Data wizard.

This group works on various "Data" topics involving a diverse set of qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes used to enhance productivity and business gain; to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information that can help organizations make more informed business decisions.

Data is extracted and categorized to identify and analyze behavioral data and patterns, and techniques vary according to organizational and project requirements. Standard terms this group trades with are Data Analytics, Data Mining, Statistics, BI, Big Data, Deep Learning, ML, NPL, etc.


Group leads are our Powerhouse Software Developers Selma & Ervin.

This group works on Android (Java), iOS (Objective-C, Swift), and Xamarin (C#) mobile tech stacks. Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices such as smartphones or tablets.

The group works on Cross-platform mobile development (Xamarin), which refers to the development of mobile apps that can be used on multiple mobile platforms. They also experiment on mobile application design, programming techniques, and the latest innovations in mobile development.


Group lead is everyone's favorite teammate, guitar player and Software Developer Feđa.

Front-end web development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a website or Web Application so that a user can see and interact with them directly.

This group works on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in general, and top trending web development frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, and similar. The challenge associated with front-end development is that the tools and techniques used to create the front-end of a website change constantly and so the developer needs to constantly be aware of how the field is developing.


Lead of this group could easily be the president of code if there was such a thing;

our Software Developer Irfan.

The term "open source" refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible. Simply put, open source software is software with a source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance.

This group works on OSS (Open Source Software) in general, with a focus on open standards & technologies, and GNU/Linux. Open source projects, products or initiatives embrace and celebrate principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, transparency, meritocracy and community-oriented development.



We live in the VUCA world (don’t know what VUCA is? Time to look it up!).

Taking on the world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, we realize the importance of re-defining strategy, agility and continuous education of all of us.

Practice groups, led by the Technical Advisory Board, share research, experience-based suggestions and insights that might not be on the leadership’s radar, helping keep Mistral on top of the game.

These operational updates are already creating a healthy information flow; enabling us to experience more than just a typical development (or other) role, making the roles more interesting, challenging and fulfilling.

Mistral puts a continuous effort in making an exceptional work environment and workforce through a combination of professional training and on-the-job learning experiences. Using this approach, we focus on delivering programs and resources that help our teammates achieve their highest employment potential and find professional fulfillment and happiness, because we all know; Happiness is the ultimate success.