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The Mistral Hackathon


The Mistral Hackathon

The time has come for our developers to unleash their superior talents in one epic, two - day long,
coding session. The clash of the great minds in teams of 3-4 members is the buzz of the month! 

Mistral Hackathon will happen on the weekend of 22 April. Creativity, innovation, teamwork and great organizational skills are all it takes to travel to the biggest developers’ conference 'WeAreDevelopers' in Vienna. The consolation prizes include Kindles and cinema tickets!

The hackathon will start with crispy snacks and hot beverages and end with fresh cake and smokin' hot pizza! In between, dozens of Mistral developers create working prototypes of projects that they always wanted or thought about building but could not pursue during their regular hours.

We already have plenty of in-house ideas and pitches and are excited to see what teams will cook up by the end of the event.

The ideas evolve around a chosen challenge from various areas like Sports, Smart cities, Sustainability, Home, Healthcare or Mistral related solutions. Our teams: What’s Next, Samo opušteno, Bots, Dobri Momci, Sub Zero System are ready. The What’s Next team is one of last year’s winners of the Dubrovnik Hackathon, but the other teams are definitely not to be taken lightly!

We are also proud that Gigi’s School students are taking part in Mistral hackathon, and salute their drive for creating and competing with their senior colleagues.

The Hackathon weekend is sure to go into Mistral history books.