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Mistral ON THE GO

As a team, we are already built to the point where it doesn’t matter what project you are currently working on, because whoever you get teamed up with, you know you share the same values and will create awesome things together. That is exactly how it felt during our retreat this past weekend.

Spending three days with people who actually get your jokes, share your mindset and work ethics, join you in occasional overeating and don’t mind discussing the weirdest random topics, was just what we all needed.

The time spent together in such a casual setting helped reveal many hidden talents! We now know that we have more guitar players and singers than we thought. We have impressive basketball players, born-again hikers who weren’t even aware of how much they enjoy conquering new heights, great dancers and UNO players, sharp paintball shooters and much more.


We enjoyed basketball, tennis, pool, hiking, BBQ, personal training with our Head of Human Potential Amila, adrenaline park, ZIP line, karaoke and above all, the room 306. The 40m2 looked much smaller the next day, so we’re still wondering how 70 of us fitted quite comfortably for the afterparty. The only unfortunate thing about it is that the colleagues who were supposed to sleep in that room had to stay awake until dawn. They were great hosts though! God bless them.

The last night on the Mount Vlašić was very interesting. “Večer s Mersedom”, or “The talk with our CEO” that was supposed to be short and informative, ended up being a 2 hour long discussion about all things Mistral. The evening was filled with laughter and interesting questions about where are we going, what we can improve on and how, and reasons we all enjoy working at Mistral. The night ended with some basic, old school games like “ubice” or “crni i crveni” that made us realize we would fail as lawyers or detectives. Luckily, we are IT professionals.

We love our team and hope it doesn't change for a very, very long time because no matter how much time we spend together, we never seize to surprise and inspire each other.