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Mistral 7th Birthday


Mistral 7th Birthday

Quite an internal affair!

On October 18, for 7 years now, we celebrate a special day. It is the day Mistral started being.

Traditionally now, we try to surprise everyone with some thoughtful gifts and make the whole day special. On that note, we stayed up late decorating Mistral with helium balloons, colorful decor, and cheerful stickers. On each desk, we placed a custom, 3D printed keychain with first name and logo, a BOBBY anti-theft backpack and a happy birthday card.



Since it was our birthday brunch, we went with a catering company, bite-sized delicacies served in style. We then realized that Mistralovci have an appetite not of an average person, so we had to be flexible and go down to the nearby “buregdžinca” to bring more food. Pie to the rescue!

The best part of our birthday brunch was the epic birthday raffle or tombola. The lucky winners got cards. Each card represented a funny and super useful award company related. The main price was a card called Brain on the field representing an extra vacation day. Yes, the cards were tailored by our marketing and communications team completely.


We had around 30 cards and the winners could trade the prices or simply give them away to a colleague.

Mistralovci are a fun loving kind of people who love to interact with the community, but most of all, we love spending time with each other, share internal jokes and celebrate. Our 7th birthday was quite an internal affair in that regard!